Seeing a lot of disrespect being thrown at the main reason the Broncos managed to go 8 and 8 last year. Could’ve been 10 and 6 had we made a play on Jamarcus Russell 4th and 10 plus 3rd and 25 against Donovan McNabb–couldn’t make a play and that wasn’t because of mediocre quarterback play.

Numby at the Post wanted to trade away Orton for Tebow pre-draft, now we got people claiming we should trade Orton to Minnesota.

I suppose that’s genius, let’s see, we’ll trade away the one guy who saved us from being DEAD in the WATER all last year. We really would have been 4 and 12, hell probably 2 and 14 last year if Orton went down for the whole season.

kyle Orton

Who knows what the hell Brady Quinn will do? He’s not assured the starting job just because he’s “gotten better accuracy in practice.”

Quinn’s got a lot to prove this preseason, we’ll see, the jury is out.

Now Tebow, some of you people can’t be serious. We’ve got a guy here who’s expected to be a 2-3 year project QB who MAY or MAY NOT even become a starting NFL quarterback. You’ve got two thirds of the pundits out there saying he’ll never be a starting quarterback. You’ve got Mike Shanahan–who likes Tebow–admitting he’d put him on special teams so he doesn’t rot on the bench.

Yet this guy, this rookie is just going waltz right in–no matter if the system takes three years to get comfortable with–in three months he’ll go from rookie project running man wildcatter to starting quarterback? Good luck.

My position is that of reason. I am reasonable unlike some of you people. You’re expectations are too high. This Tebow can be an excellent player for us in the wildcat, worthy of the first round pick being that weapon for us alone.

I believe McDaniels saw a person of good character, an exceptional athlete and a football player who could do a lot of things–especially in Wild Horses and someone who has the remote chance of “possibly” being a starting quarterback somewhere down the line. The starting quarterback thing is a maybe, it’s only a possibility. The first pick in the draft Sam Bradford isn’t even immune to not even working out in the end.

Ten steps ahead of this Numby’s game. Talking up Mr. Popularity Tebow left and right,  trying desperately to get Elway to meet him. Numby claims Orton doesn’t care about Elway.

Elway (supposedly) wasn’t friendly with Josh McDaniels either.

Let’s see:

John Elway one of the greatest if not the greatest QB ever? Check.

John Elway’s opinion not mattering one bit these days? Check.

Who the hell cares even if it was true? When did Elway retire, 1998?

Go ahead you rubes, follow that Numby snake oil salesman. He thinks Tebow will be a bona fide John Elway 2.0 because he “talked to him and he just has that aura.”

My track record up against Numby’s? His sucks. It absolutely sucks.

All this year we’re going to hear Numby bellyaching about how awful McDaniels is for not starting Tebow day one. Orton, or Quinn for that matter will have one sub-par outing and that lapping green tongued drunkard Numbnuts will be yodeling Tebow into the hills like a bumbling sot fresh off a nigh-hallucinogenic Mad Dog 20/20 bender. If there isn’t a quarterback controversy in Denver this year, Numby will see to it that there is one–and loudly. Tebow’s a better story, a better interview, he sells papers.

Woody Paige


You wonder why this Numby gushed over the pick?