I hope you’re all enjoying this earth day as much as I am. I’ve got every TV and all the lights turned on in every room, the sprinkler is still going outside. I saw a rabbit out there enjoying the sprinkler. You people see that, eh? I’m doing my part and saving the planet one dirigible coney at a time.

We ain’t moving up to draft the next Danny Weurffel.

Getting tired of these reports of the Broncos being Tebow’s biggest suitors and even “moving up” to grab him in the first.

“But he’s broken all kinds of records.”

Yeah, so didn’t Rex Grossman.

Grossman, Weurffel , Leak, Matthews, Johnson– all Gators, all less than mediocre NFL quarterbacks.

I suppose we’ll negate the effectiveness of our Pro Bowl starting left tackle so Teebs can jimmy around and throw a dipsy doodle to an opposing team’s defensive lineman.

Somebody else will draft this guy, hopefully they’ll move up in front of the Broncos somewhere to do it because McDaniels masterfully bluffed.