I’m starting to see just how many individuals have a skewed sense of the current Denver Broncos team. They seem to think we’re a Super Bowl contender with a great defense and a great running game. They fail to see the significant contributions of our quarterback and they fail to realize this is a team with many holes and a poor fit for Manning.

For the last time:

1. Manning isn’t coming here.

2. He would get smashed, he would be duck soup behind our line (just like Kyle Orton).

3. It’s time for the Broncos to look ahead to the future. Time to sign YOUNG players. Not to pay sky high rent on a dinged up 36 year old QB in the twilight of his career.

Want to throw money at somebody? Throw it at Mario Williams. That’s a player in his prime that the Broncos could possibly lock up for the remainder of his career.

Shame on that Adam Schefter. He’s been hit by the snake-oil sensationalist bug.

Kudos to Mike Klis and Woody Paige of the Denver Compost for their even-keeled reporting during this inane fiasco. They are reporting the truth.

Can you imagine this scenario? It’s not out of the question. Hell I’d say its reality: The Broncos acquire Manning, $&^tcan Tebow and the Broncos end up 7-9?

How bout them apples?



And some of you people who think you know, better get over it.