Huckdort dorts and gets embarrassed.

Buffalo and Detroit win and Denver loses. I was worried we’d win today, the only game that worries me now is the Texans game, they often don’t show up to play. Even if we only win that one game, things are looking good for the draft.

You see that Jay Feely? He had a career day out there. I’m happy for him, he seems like a regular guy.

Broncos had a few good penalties out there, that late hit from Syd’Quan was a nice gift.

The most exciting moment in the Broncos game? The thirty seconds whenTebow warmed up.

By the way, I wouldn’t get mad at Studesville for not playing Tebow, it has to be Bowlen’s call.

I can see some reason to start Orton, as bad as things are he’s got shot at the Pro Bowl. Pro Bowl voting ends the 20th though, so if Tebow isn’t starting the last two home games it is nothing short of a travesty.

I’m sure it’s Bowlen’s call, it’s not on Studesville.

Tebow damn well better start those last two games. John Skelton? John Skelton, a damn fifth round pick gets to play? He didn’t look too bad either. A fifth round pick is playing yet “Tebow ain’t ready yet?”

If he’s not ready and doesn’t play those last two home games, I’d rather have him traded and draft a quarterback with that top pick.