When that Panff sent me a letter from that Tiki to post I said no, I ain’t sitting around wasting time deciphering that chicken scratch. But Panff got around to translating so it took about two seconds to copy/paste them–that’s more like it. So here you go:

Hey guy, what go on. Who we gon draft I think it will be the namdoki sun. That guy is the for real defence lineman yes. I saw the espn things of the combined practice and this guy is for real holmes. He is hoge giant defence lineman guy. I think we should packager all the picks guy, all of them like the ditka do for that run back guy. Packer all of them for the namdokan sun. I see the drill he do oh snap guy that was mess up they have has all guys smash into bag and he was like POW he say POW and they bag almost snap in two I seen it guy. Guy was probable like holme you know this is pactice right guy you not have to snap bag in half all crazy like. They showed other guy smash bag and they not even smash they was like peh peh they was like peh it was so corny they at the bag but the sun guy was all crazy he for real guy I know he is. They say he no even have to go there but he did. Grandfather is doing beter he get around now after off dalysis that is cool. I have no compter here guy my aunt no have this that is real foul. She have tv but it get corny station real corny station it manure so badly. Sport bar have espn some time so that is cool. I hear site is all mess up I hope you will have the backed up site save yes.

Yaddah yaddah, whatever, on to the next one…

Hey guy, what go on. Grandfather have go back in hospital he not cool again that is foul. We get the Tebone guy is that for real. I know it have to be real. That is crazy guy I seen he in college video and he mash guy up run over and through. They say he have the mad crazy hand arm coordinats the combine thing he went crazy there. He run over guy so badly but he quart back what give. Dont they have quart back slide. Will he slide. They say he mechanical is all mess up what give with that. I bet the Mcdanels can fix this he (holio?) quarter back coach. Tebone hand arm coordinat of with fabulous wheel contender speed.

They have crazy party on beach it bright spot of real boaring island. Island is cool when at first then it get real boaring guy. But this radio place have beach party thing and met this real fine girl there. Real fine. I bet bronco cheerleads would like this beach yes. Sit out all day on sand in string bikini paradise. I met girl she real fine at party we go back to aunt house in basement of aunt house. Aunt say I was is real nasty she say I real nasty and foul to do this she kick out for many day so I go stayed into town where near pork barbcue guy is. Girl give me addess of house where she lived but I keep go there and cant find it guy.

Well there you go, insane, outdated information from some gooned out goober.