On the heels of one of the greatest preseason performances by a quarterback in Broncos history, the great Brady Quinn is on track to beat out Tim Tebow as the Broncos true backup QB to Kyle Orton.

Quinn clearly outplayed both Orton and Tebow last week in an amazing display of fourth quarter heroics against the Dallas Cowboys third and fourth team scrubs.

“His ability to lead our scrubs and wreak havoc on guys who may not even make the team in Dallas was pretty exceptional,” said an unknown Broncos insider.

Mike Klis of the Denver Compost wrote: “…it was Quinn who outperformed them both in the team’s first preseason game last Thursday at Dallas.” Klis added: “Quinn not only led the Broncos to two touchdowns, both touchdowns came in the fourth quarter. …When evaluating quarterbacks, extra credit should be given to touchdowns in the fourth quarter.”

Indeed, Quinn’s scoring drives during crunch time of last weeks Dallas preseason game were nothing short of legendary. It was an impeccable aerial spectacle that many a Broncos fan will forever remember.

“I’ll always remember where I was on August eleventh 2011,” said Barry Mumphery, a Boulder Colorado native, “I’ve been selling shirts on eBay that have a Broncos logo over the date 08/11/2011 and sales have really skyrocketed.”

“It was an incredible second half, just incredible, I just hope I don’t get caught by the NFLPA,” Barry said.

The accurate, unbiased Klis also mentioned, “With the NFL no longer forcing teams to make a No. 3 quarterback designation on game day, there’s a chance Tebow would be used for the occasional “Tebow package” plays, but Quinn would get the longer-term backup role.”

In addition to Quinn’s fourth quarter heroics, his monumental practice play has reverberated across the nation and professional sportswriters are taking notice. The always on point ESPN Senior Writer John Clayton further explains Brady Quinn’s incredibly quick rise to greatness:

But Tebow, in his second season, still hasn’t developed a consistent way of delivering the football. When throwing short passes to his right, Tebow, a left-hander, opens his hips too much and skips the football off the ground like a rock across water. Too often, his eyes lock onto his first target. His throwing delivery lacks a consistent release point. With proud veterans such as Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, Elvis Dumervil and others on the team, Fox would lose the team if he started the quarterback who would give the team the lesser chance to win. Although Tebow is exciting and an icon everyone in the world can root for, he’s not ready for prime time or an NFL starting QB job.

Ah yes, all of Broncos Nation certainly witnessed the ineffective debacle that was Tim Tebow last week in Dallas. Clayton’s analysis of the much maligned Timmy Teebs is spot on. Clayton adds, “…there will be no formal announcement of who is backing up Orton. Why? Because it probably will be Brady Quinn, who has outperformed Tebow in training camp.”

Clearly the Broncos will move on, upward and away from a rookie quarterback who managed to score an average of 24 points per game in his first three starts last season. Tebow’s paltry 6 for 7 and 91 yards plus a measly quarterback rating of 118 last week surely downgraded his stock, cementing his rightful place as the Broncos third string quarterback–and as a national laughing stock. The expert piece by the always Broncos-knowledgeable Clayton also states Tebow is not ready for a starting job and that Kyle “The Man” Orton bulked up an incredible twelve pounds in the offseason. It indicates Orton is dead serious about leading the aging Broncos Tebow-hating veterans to a championship this year and ushering in a lengthy new era of Broncos excellence.

Wake the kids, phone the neighbors folks, Tebowmania be damned because Orton’s ripped and the Mighty Quinn is the real number two in Denver.

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