The sky is falling in Denver, cry me a river. All of a sudden Mike Nolan is solely responsible for just about anything good to come out of the Broncos this season.

Dean Pees on your Head

Last year, around this time, weren’t the pundits pouring over Mike Nolan’s less than stellar resume? Here’s a post from a disgruntled Niners fan in the middle of the 2008 season:

You have to credit Lewis with molding a defense that was dominant enough to help the Ravens win a Super Bowl after the 2000 season. Nolan was handed the keys and kept it a smooth running machine for the next 3 years. We cannot credit Nolan with building this defense.

Let’s take a further look at Nolan’s past…

New York Giants – 1993-1996 – 5th, 11th, 17th, 14th.

Washington Redskins- 1997-1999 – 16th, 24th, 30th.

In 1993, Nolan took over much of the personnel from Bill Parcells. Let’s look at the dropoff after Nolan’s first year with the Giants. His defenses never cracked the top 10. When Nolan was in Washington, his defenses got progressively worse.

In 3 years with the 49ers, Nolans defensive rankings are as follows…

2005 – 32nd, 2006 – 26th, 2007 – 25th.

Some resume, eh? Even that Numby from the Denver Post hammered the decision of Nolan as Broncos defensive coach. Goes to show you his luck. I never said Nolan was a genius, I said the jury’s out back then, since I didn’t much like the Mr. GQ suit and tie nonsense.

Nolan proved to be good, kind of. Who knows what the hell went on. We sure as hell didn’t do that well down the stretch, even on defense. Like I said, 3rd and 25?4th and 10? Thankfully someone is reporting “some” kind of writing that resembles information. Mike Klis from the Denver Post (Kudos to Klis for predicting 9-7 last year, probably stole it from me):

In large part because of differences in coaching styles, philosophies and game-day play calling, McDaniels, the Broncos’ head coach, and Nolan, the team’s defensive coordinator, decided at the conclusion of their meeting Monday to end their business relationship after just one season.

Just what I wanted to know. There you have it: a difference in coaching style, philosophies and game-day play calling. Oh, and wouldn’t you know McDaniel’s buddy just resigned up in New England? He wanted to become a “free agent,” eh?

Oh but no, that can’t be. The sea cucumbers out there all think Nolan jumped ship cause he hated McDaniels. He knew the Broncos were gonna be losers. After all, Nolan’s impeccably successful, and he surely couldn’t stand to stay signed on with this bunch.

What a joke, I credit Nolan with helping to put a decent system in place. McDaniel’s probably wants some things done a certain way, and made Nolan adapt. Mike Nolan gets to go off to Miami or wherever the hell and be Mike Nolan.

Nolan was probably a “good” fit for us. If we sign this Pees, then you can tell – if you’re not a sea cucumber – what the deal is. McDaniel’s wants the perfect guy for the job. Nolan’s probably “put up” with doing things a certain way… either that or he wouldn’t budge.  This Pee’s is McDaniel’s buddy, he ‘s coached alongside him for years – a partner in crime to Super Bowls, mind you –  and it’s the exact, precise 100% system McDaniels wants. By the way, this guy’s track record ain’t so bad, 6th, 4th, 10th and 11th as a D coordinator, not to mention a Super Bowl ring when he coached linebackers. Remember how good them Patriots linebackers were, eh? No matter, stats schmats, this guy knows the system.

I’m telling you people, this year it will be McDaniel’s team. We are cleaning proverbial house, and it goes for the coaches too. If you’re not on board, just jump off the side baby.

Excuse me while I go cry in the corner over Mike Nolan leaving.

P.S. If it’s Pee’s he’s probably gonna steal us some players too. Wouldn’t that be horrible.