Predictably, Numby over at the Denver Post is trying to get his digs in at McDaniels. McDaniels who won’t even look at poor Numby, or even follow any of his suggestions. Oh how Numby must miss Shanahan. In order to try and smear McDaniels, good ol’ Numby throws out this offensive stat and claims the wrong coach just left Denver:

The Broncos’ offense cascaded from No. 2 overall in the league in Mike Shanahan’s final season to 15th in McDaniels’ first season. The Broncos dropped from 6,333 yards to 5,463, from third in passing to 12th, from 12th in rushing to 18th and from being sacked 13 times to being sacked 34 times.

The wrong coach eh? I though the first mistake of the McDaniels era was Nolan there Numby? I’m hoping Numby starts to see the trail of turds he seems to leave just about everywhere, but that won’t happen. Let’s think about this high and mighty wisdom for a moment. No, the Broncos offense wasn’t that special this year. We need receivers who can catch the football and an offensive line interior overhaul.

Those “wonderful” 2008 statistics alright, and guess what: we were 8-8.

These stats the pundits throw out there, they’re like political polls: more than half of them are meaningless, and there’s often deception behind the seemingly obvious results.

In 2008 we had a defense that SUCKED and a gooned out, pick throwing Huckdort behind center who was ALWAYS on the damn field. Hell I’m surprised we did as well as we did with all our damn three and outs this year. Huckdort was always out there playing catchup in 2008 and losing with his gnarled face. I’ll never forget that Huckdort raising his arm up in the air all overconfident after one measly win.  I’m tired of this notion that 2008, and 2007 for that matter were the “glory days” of the Broncos offense.

Huckdort’s never won anything. He’s got a million dollar arm but he’s handcuffed by a ten cent head and a five cent quaff.

Scheffler? Marshall? These guys are winners? I’d even debate Marshall’s “superstar” status. These guys haven’t won anything.

I don’t care if we’re 16th in offense next year, we had better make the playoffs. We were 3rd and 25, and 4th and 10 away from being 10 and 6 this year. Screw the “stats.”

The ass end of the Shanahan era? It wasn’t nothing to brag about.

Unless you’re Numbnuts, I suppose.