Knowshon Moreno got injured somehow on Thursday (isn’t it nice someone on this site is keeping tabs on actual up-to-date Broncos information.) What the hell, this kid can’t seem to stay on the field. OT Ryan Harris will miss the Colts game too, and no word yet on Bailey and Goodman’s status for Sunday. I ‘m hoping at least one of our banged up starting cornerbacks are ready to play.

I believe this game hinges on the Broncos offense showing up and performing. We got to score touchdowns and sustain drives. We’ll get to see what Maroney brings to the table, seems they’re suiting up that Andre Brown we got from the Giants too. Our running game hasn’t been good, but it’s been good enough. Stats schmatts, we ran the ball effectively last week, we ran the ball well when it counted, and as bad as the stats have been our running game isn’t a complete joke–it must be honored and that’s been “good enough” so far.