I can’t believe it. Wasn’t this the same guy that wanted us to pay Marshall 50+ million a couple months ago?

Woody’s Mailbag: Broncos need to move Marshall, antics out of town
If he were to come back next season, we’d be saying, “Oh, Brandon is having a great year.” Then we’d be saying Brandon is causing trouble, has gotten into trouble, says his new contract isn’t sufficient, doesn’t like Denver. He’s not worth the trouble or the money.

I bet that one went over well with Numby’s legion of sea cucumbers who think Marshall’s coming back. Way to pull a 180. That’s Numby for you, no rules in his sordid world. I suppose he thinks we’re a bunch of peons with the memory span of a fruit fly. What a sea cucumber, singing the praises of Marshall after one record breaking game — forgetting his past transgressions in a wink– and now he wants Marshall gone.

Well ain’t that convenient. That’s how them sea cucumbers operate. They don’t got a backbone, they’re just floundering around, spurting and gurgling wherever the tide happens to be taking them on any given day.

Once again Mike Klis pens an excellent piece: Bowlen seeing benefits of switch to McDaniels

That’s right. The benefits of McDaniels.

“Josh is a principled person and he’s going to call for accountability from the first player on the roster to the 53rd,” Ellis said. “His belief and need for team and the team concept, he’s not going to waver from that. And frankly, that was something that was refreshing. In the interview process, that gave him a leg up on other candidates.”

Damn straight. McDaniels has principles and that’s the reason Marshall and that goober Scheffler found their asses on the bench in our “playoff” game. McDaniels is putting his foot down on the spoiled Shanahan era Broncos, just like I said he would starting last February, and soon we will be rid of both Marshall and Scheffler and we will be better off for it.

“There’s going to be changes,” Bowlen said. “As I look at the team, I think we have a solid football team. There are some areas of the team where’d we like to be better. I have talked with Josh about that. I know what his feelings are. And I’ve got a great deal of faith in his ability to recognize that and ability to go out and execute it.”

March 5th can’t come soon enough. The turds will begin to hit the proverbial fan and the last of the Broncos me-first prima donna players will be sent packing.