Numbnuts Woody Paige

Numby’s latest “mailbag” at the Post starts off with this question:

Woody: Once in a while when I read your column, I wonder if you or a reader is giving up too much information on a public forum on the team’s intentions on the draft or whatever the team will be doing for the next game. Have you heard of another team getting unintended inside intel from a mailbag or article that they’ve used to their advantage?
— Bob E., Washington, D.C.

Bob E., whoever you is, allow me to answer this question better than Numby ever could.

While other teams may get valuable intel at times from reading other sources, there’s not a chance in hell that Numby is ever giving up too much Broncos information. Numby’s info is only sopped up as gospel truths by sea cucumbers, morons, degenerates and garden variety ignoramus’s who emanate odoriferous logic and woefully insufficient tact.

For example: We should pay Brandon Marshall 50+ million, the Broncos were never interested in picking Ryan Clady, Ryan Clady isn’t all that great of a player, the Broncos will go 16-0 in 2008 and 4-12 in 2009, Simms should be the starter, Nolan was the first mistake of the Josh McDaniels era and the Broncos are picking Terence Cody.

Numby’s latest in a series of misfires has him stating Josh McDaniels and John Elway are not friends:

I talk to Elway occasionally, and the subject, honestly, hasn’t come up.

I don’t think McDaniels has ever met with Elway or invited him out to practice. So there’s no close relationship between Elway and the coach or the player.

A thoroughly porous dig at the coach who Numby believes “is not his own man.” Numby also stated “the wrong coach left town,” when Mike Nolan headed to Miami.

This week, a shocked and defeated Numby retracts his previous misinformed brain droppings:

He (Asst to HC, Mark Thewes) called to tell me that Elway and McDaniels have indeed established a good relationship, have talked on the phone “many times,” and that they’ve had lunch during the offseason (presumably at John Elway’s restaurant, not Mike Shanahan’s.)

Numby gets busted! Touche Numbnuts! Looks like your best buddy Elway is hanging with your hoody wearing nemesis McD after all. On top of that, they probably sit on the phone at times laughing their balls off at your latest moronic comments. No wonder why they ain’t telling that Numby nothing.

I got something for Numby to bring up with McDaniels in his annual interview (an interview I bet McDaniels loathes as a complete waste of time), how bout you tell McDaniels “The wrong coach left town,” when Nolan went to Miami?

Not a chance in hell that anyone around the league with more than half a brain in their heads are spying on Numby’s posts. Numby’s posts that are surely loaded with soaring football knowledge and spot on accuracy that only a true Broncos insider could muster.