Slow news week, I see that Numby at the Denver Post heaping all kinds of praise on McDaniels. He must want something, that’s gotta be it.

This coming from a guy who supposedly got sick to his stomach over the “hoody” and claimed McDaniels wasn’t his own man. He also put forth the question whether “the wrong coach left town,” when Nolan left in January.

Remember all the commotion when Nolan left? Bunch of goobers claiming the defense is doomed.

Not me, I know it’s mainly the system and the players–and we’ll be fine.

Now all of a sudden Numby claims we should have a top ten defense with our good defensive signings this year.

Plus, he now says McDaniels will be a Super Bowl-winning coach that will be around for a lot of years.

Something don’t smell right.

I say it’s the calm before the storm. Pretty soon he’ll probably start ranting every week about how Tebow should be starting and getting more snaps. You watch, this team will look improved in the preseason and Numby will say the Broncos will go 7-9 “because Orton’s the starter.”

Oh wait, that’s right he already predicted 8-8 in January.

I hear that Bill Williamson over at ESPN says he’ll be shocked if McDaniels doesn’t make Tebow the Day 1 starter in 2010. Well get ready Mr. Williamson, hopefully you won’t have a knockwurst sandwich dangling in your trap when the jolt comes.

Talk about Mr. Irrelevant, this Williamson is a fine example of lazy journalism. His opinions of the AFC West division are a joke. He thinks the Broncos will be way down with the Chiefs in the standings this year, while Oakland will push San Diego for the title–supposedly because of their awe inspiring acquisition of the great Jason Campbell.

The Broncos should be well improved this year, doesn’t take a genius to see that with our acquisitions. The only thing I’m pissed about right now is the offensive line injuries, if the Broncos are talking to Flozell Adams, then you know they’re worried about the situation.

Mr. Williamson responded to a recent question about Tebow with: ” Dude is a beast. 6-3, 240. benched 225 pounds 38 times at the combine.”

Sorry Billy-Bo, Tebow didn’t even bench at the combine.

The guy is a lame-duck misspelling freak over there at ESPN.

To all these journalists like Williamson who think Tebow will automatically be the starting QB next year “because they obviously drafted him to play,” –well he certainly will be playing, and he will play this year.