I keep hearing these pundits claiming Kyle Orton is the safer choice at quarterback for the Broncos, go with the veteran to win they says.

If Orton is still on this team in September, and God forbid he is starting, then you better win with him.

You better win. Cause if you don’t that Invesco stadium will absolutely erupt over more of that mediocrity and failure.

Full on QB controversy mode. Won’t that be nice.

The acuity of the coach would then come into question, why did he give all the reps to Orton? We have Orton for one year, why did we commit to him and basically set the franchise back a year? We must let Timmy Teebs take the reins, and if he don’t got it then draft, trade or sign someone who does.

The blurb about the Minnesota Vikings were interested in trading for Orton inspires confidence that Orton is the starter… don’t it?

A Free Agent is Good, Not Good Enough

Klis: The assumption is the Broncos would not have released such proven defensive tackles as Bannan and Williams without having a backup plan in place.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the plan is for the team to select either Marcell Dareus or Nick Fairley — defensive tackles from Alabama and Auburn, respectively — with the No. 2 pick in the April draft.

The group of unrestricted free- agent defensive tackles seeking their second multiyear contracts includes Seattle’s Brandon Mebane, Arizona’s Alan Branch and Gabe Watson, New Orleans’ Remi Ayodele and the New York Giants’ Barry Cofield.

Alright Klis, let’s say we do grab a Barry Cofield or a Brandon Mebane in free agency… So what? That list of names is just OK, yet unspectacular. You think adding an Alan Branch, or any one of those lineman to the Broncos is the answer to our defensive woes up front? The Broncos need a hell of a lot more help than that up front. Some of these guys are decent players to have, but are any of these players game changers? I think not.