Enough already.

I see goobers like Merril Hoge piling on out there, chiming in with their profound wisdom about the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton.

I can’t believe how quickly some of these people forget. They probably never knew anything in the first place.

Kyle Orton is a pocket passing technician, he’s known for his accuracy. Those are his strengths. Tebow may never be a pocket passer like Orton.

Michael Vick has improved at passing from the pocket, somewhat. When you think of a pocket passer, do you think of Michael Vick?

Didn’t think so.

Kyle Orton is an accurate passer who doesn’t throw many picks (but when he does they come at the worst moments with the game on the line, but I digress). The drop off after that is stunning.

This guy folds under pressure, not only the pressure from defensive linemen, but the mere pressure of playing with the game on the line.

For two years we’ve watched this, after two years I figured most reasonable people would realize Kyle Orton isn’t our answer and he needs to be surrounded by an All-Star cast to succeed.

An All-Star cast on offense and defense.

I don’t know why people think the Denver Broncos offense has changed so much–we basically added Orlando Franklin, some Tight Ends and Willis McGahee.

Do you people honestly believe our running game will be dominant this year?

Do you believe our defense will be top ten? Top five?

New coach, new system, one offseason–you can only do so much in one year.

There will be growing pains too. The one legged goat isn’t just going to sit back there and wing balls to open receivers at will.

Our running game should be a little better, a little.

Excuse me if I’m not enthused about having Kyle Cuckooman Orton out there doing his one legged goat impression for yet another year where the Broncos should be a mediocre team.





The answer is no and no.

Please, I’d wish these pundits would make the case why Kyle Orton will be such a changed man this season. I suppose he will exhibit intangibles now, and he will not falter with the game on the line. He will be a monster on third downs and excel in the red zone. Our dominant running attack will limit Kyle’s ineffectiveness to the point where he just has to throw a few balls a game to successfully manage the outcome.

Please. He’s the same unspectacular journeyman who’s only claim to fame is that he’s accurate and doesn’t throw many picks.

I’m sick of him.

I don’t know why any of you people aren’t sick of the Orton show either.

Who cares what Brandon Lloyd wants too? A bunch of stats this year so he can hit free agency?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the Broncos offense to once again be ” The Orton to Lloyd connection.”

A connection that has caused monster stats and monumental losses. The facts outweigh the hope for the “new” future of Cuckooman.

People claim Kyle Orton gives the Broncos the best chance to win–I’m not too sure about that even.

They cite his amazing accuracy in practice, his command of the playbook. Three years in the system–he better have alright.

They fail to realize the dropoff after that, and it’s big.

We have a kid who is a force to be reckoned with on third downs running or passing. He can make things happen there–especially behind an offensive line that isn’t all that yet.

Tebow even won a game for us, can you believe that? You listen to these pundits with an axe to grind and you’d think he can’t play at all in the NFL. Not whatsoever.

You think our o-line’s gonna dominate this year? It didn’t last year. Or the year before. What makes you think it will all of a sudden?

You think our defense will be top ten this year? It better be, in order to cover for the limited three and out machine that is the one legged goat. The guy put our defense against the wall so many times it ain’t even funny. Deflating to a team. God forbid we’re down two touchdowns at the half too, with Orton at the helm you may as well skip the second half. We’ll lose, but boy oh boy did you see that huge bomb he threw to Lloyd in garbage time?

Time to turn the page, time to start the kid. Time to stop investing in a QB who won’t be on the team next year.

Time to stop investing the future in a stopgap QB who will probably play for three or four more teams before his career is over.

Like I’ve said before, I will be laughing when I hear the boos raining down as in all probability we start losing once again with Orton at the helm. There’s time to turn it around though, the fans will forgive the losses of a rookie.

They won’t forgive the losses of a journeyman who won’t be on the team next year, nor should they.