Last week we were ready and willing to trade Kyle Orton.

Now, all of a sudden, everything that Tim Tebow did last year in the preseason and the last three games–all of that is pure garbage.

All the loser pundits once again: Tim Tebow can’t play in the NFL.

“Orton won’t be traded. He’s our starter because he looked really good throwing the ball in practice, all the players saw it.”

Yeah let’s just forget all about his play the last two years. How pathetic.

What a joke. We cleared the way for Elway when we got rid of DeBerg. We were about to clear the way for Tebow.

Doesn’t look good.

What an insult. What a disgrace to build this year on a guy who won’t even be here next year.

“He’s a better pocket passer, he’s more polished.”

Who the hell cares.

My vengeance is going to be vicious on this one. Vicious. It’s almost to the point where I can’t wait.

As soon as we start tanking with Cuckooman Orton at the helm I will demand an apology. I will also demand someone resign.

Someone will need to take the blame for this mess. For this supreme lack of courage and tact. A supreme lack of planning for the future. Going with Orton? here you go fans, same old crap. What a joke.

Remember what a breath of fresh air it was those last three games? Remember seeing action and emotion on the field that just wasn’t happening all season long?

I’m getting very angry.

I don’t have to say it again, horrible record, horrible third down play, horrible red zone play, absolutely peckered leadership… disgusting. Handing over the team to the one year journeyman. Absolutely disgusting. Maybe the offense was happy, maybe Brandon Lloyd was happy, I bet the defense isn’t happy. Did they forget how many times he goes third and out?

Orton will be sacked, he will throw picks that are run back for touchdowns at the worst possible moment. Orton will fold when the pressure’s on. He will contort into the fetal position when no one is open on third down. Great. I’m sure we’re all excited for that mess.  The “conservative” John Fox seems to love this unspectacular joke. I’m loving this Fox less by the minute.

“He looks good in practice.”

This has been mishandled in the worst way. This team will be set back a year.

In the absolute worst case scenario: We sign Orton long term.

If that happens, kiss your jobs in Denver goodbye Fox, goodbye Elway. What in the hell do you think you have in this guy?

I’m also hearing “Brady Quinn” is in the equation somehow. I’ve about had it. Something is seriously wrong.

Miami botched this and look at what they’re dealing with now. The Broncos botched this and oh boy is it going to be fun.

I’m telling you it’s going to be vicious. P.P. Dublinski won’t let this floundering, this joke of a decision go unpunished.