The Denver Broncos managed to reach the Super Bowl by default this year.

The horrid, decrepit state of the AFC made the Broncos look like world beaters. I’ve enjoyed the pitiful analysis of this team, they’re over-hyped and tonight they will be over-matched.

Like I said, the Forty Niners and Seahawks both have a solid running game, a solid defense and a dynamic quarterback who is not great but good enough. The Broncos have an average running game, an average defense and mainly rely on a passing attack led by a hall of fame quarterback.

The Denver Broncos are a glass cannon.

This team beat the lowly Chargers and the shell-of-their-former-selves Patriots at home in the playoffs?

I sure as hell ain’t impressed. Those teams and those defenses aren’t very good. The Broncos failed to put up over 30 points in each of those games.

I can’t even believe the Patriots were 12-4 this year. Tells you something about the AFC right there. Pathetic. That team was running on fumes for most of the season. Belichik should’ve got coach of the year. It was their coaching that kept them afloat.

I told you people to not waste your time, to not buy into this Manning-led Broncos team and I will be vindicated soon. They will never win a Super Bowl led by Manning. This team could be different right now. We could have used his money to build a solid running game and defense.

You know, something that can actually win a championship.

Heads will roll. Miscreants and the misinformed will see the light.

Rubes will remember why they fear the night.

The Colt Manning led Broncos are about to get flushed down the biggest bowl in football.

The Chargers or Patriots should have taken the humiliating hit instead.