Alright people, lend an ear for P.P.’s Mock Draft is here.

Oh yes, we are trading away Marshall before the draft.

Marshall traded to the Seahawks for the 60th pick and G Rob Sims.

Dez BryantWith the 11th pick in the draft the Denver Broncos select: Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State.

Oh yes people. We are trading away a rotten apple for another rotten apple. We’re replacing a cancer with a guy who forgets his shoes, gets suspended from football for a year for something stupid and amidst all these questions he has the mental acuity to show up at Pacman Jones workout. A brilliant pick.

***TRADE ALERT*** The Broncos send their 45th second round pick plus a fourth and sixth rounder this year to New England for the 42nd pick in the draft.

Tim TebowWith the 42nd pick in the 2010 NFL draft the Broncos select: Timmy Tebow QB Florida Gators

Exceptional pick by the great Josh McDaniels who is scared to death of losing Tebow to Miami or Tampa Bay–two places much closer to his Gator past. The Denver Broncos instantly become the talk of the draft and darlings of the media for the next six months. Many believe Tebow will push Orton for the starting job in his first year.

However, reality isn’t as favorable to the Broncos, as the QB loaded team places Brandstater on the practice squad so Tebow can run a play or two good for five yards out of the vaunted “Wild Horses” formation in 2010. Tebow remains a backup for the rest of his four year career, and his selection is the final nail in the coffin for McDaniels equally short NFL career. “Say what you will, but Tebow is a tough as nails competitor and he is a great leader in the locker room and on the sideline. Nobody works as hard refilling donuts in the Broncos cafeteria as Tim Tebow,” – former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels.

Terence CodyWith the 60th pick in the draft the Denver Broncos pick: Terence Cody DT Alabama

Mount Cody slips a bit and Broncos are fortunate to land him here. Unfortunately, Cody ends up filling bowls in the Broncos restrooms much more-so than even filling a roster spot in his second year after he shows up weighing 420. Another genius pick.

SeyiWith the 80th pick in the 2010 NFL draft draft the Denver Broncos select:  Seyi Ajirotutu, Fresno State

Everybody knows we need another wide receiver after the Marshall trade. In a press conference following the draft, McDaniels claims he reached for Ajirotutu to give “that Horvil Tiki a good name to yell on game day.”

Zoltan MeskoWith pick 220 in the 2010 NFL Draft the Broncos select: Zoltan Mesko P University of Michigan

The Broncos cap off a grueling two days of war room activity and get a steal at Punter in the seventh round. The talk of the NFL draft after the Tebow pick, who really cares at this point?

Four picks that smack of sheer brilliance.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Tony Scheffler traded to the Bears for a Subway sandwich.