Remember them people coming out of the woodwork saying we’d get a 1st and a 3rd for Brandon Marshall, eh?

Or first and a third, and a good player on top of that?

I told you they can’t even be serious.

I said we’d get a first rounder AT BEST for little T.O.

These teams ain’t stupid, they know the risk. Unlike some of our fans who seem to have been asleep at the wheel the past three seasons. These owners know the risk, you gonna pay 50+ million so Marshall can get suspended for a year? So you can bench him before a playoff game?

Oh there’s gonna be a hell of a bidding war they said! One hell of a bidding war for the “best receiver in football.

I said get what you can, cut your losses. Been saying it since before last season even started.

The great T.O. and little T.O. are bona fide homeless right now.

The “best wide receiver in football” can be had for a single first rounder. Gee I wonder why no one’s bitten yet? Even for a late first?

The way I see it and have seen it, is that we are probably looking at a second rounder and a player and then we can call it a day, and close the Marshall chapter in Denver forever.

That second rounder may even be in next year’s draft.

I’ll put forth two reasonable scenarios, consider them P.P.’s Omens:

Brandon Marshall to the Jets for ILB David Harris and a late second (29th) or a second next year.

Brandon Marshall to the Seahawks for WR Deion Branch or ILB David Hawthorne and their second rounder (8th).

I still think the Jets will be in the mix, they need a Marshall, he is the missing piece of that offense. They have Braylon Edwards and then nobody. Who are you gonna draft with the 29th pick? Golden Tate? Dez Bryant? They’re likely off the board.

Only a matter of time before the headache is gone and we get something in return. I had a good laugh when I read people say we’ll just tender Marshall for this year then slap the franchise tag on him next year–what a joke. He’d probably start punting the ball boy never mind the ball.