Some believe the Broncos will save their season if they win against the Chargers at home this Sunday. They believe if they win, they can keep their playoff hopes alive and start Orton for many more weeks.

I don’t believe that’s the case.

The Broncos must win the next two games. If we lose this Sunday the Kyle Orton era is finished in Denver–for good.

If we win this Sunday and lose against the Dolphins it’s also over.

We lose one of the next two and the case cannot be made that this is a playoff team and we need Kyle Orton to win now. If we’re 2-4 do you really think this team has a shot to go 8-2? Even 7-3? In this schedule?

What a joke. It will be nothing more than a sorry joke if John Fox and the Broncos lose one of the next two and continue to start Kyle Orton. They lose one of the next two and the win now argument will crumble into dust.

Lose one of the next two and I will demand written apologies from the Denver Broncos front office and the reporters at the Denver Post. If I do not receive written apologies I will be calling for resignations or firing. Resignations or firings over squandering the season, woeful miscalculations, misleading reports and an egregious lack of tact and acuity all around.