I won’t be upset. I know I’ve said I want the Broncos to lose the rest of their games, but if they won (which is possible–it’s Oakland for crying out loud) I won’t be pissed. It has more to do with my disgust of this opponent. That’s right, I don’t hate the Chargers as much as I hate the Raiders and that sad excuse for a city they call Oakland. We better lose the next two though regardless.

By the way, that Ron Rivera might not be a bad coach for the Broncos. The man fields a defense wherever he goes and if we acquire him it hurts the Chargers. Only problem is Norv could very well get the axe if the Chargers are one and done in the playoffs. That Rivera also has an intimate knowledge of the team we must defeat in the AFC west. The Broncos need to build a team that can beat the Chargers, that should be our #1 goal.