10/2/2011 A candid shot of a family in Boulder, CO. (APP Image)

Reality is here.

Don’t think for a second that playing the kid for one snap in that dumb play will do anything to quiet the masses. That dumb play that McDaniels ran twice in Jacksonville last year. We couldn’t block up the middle then and we can’t now either.

Couple things to take away from this loss: OrtonĀ  has a knack for throwing picks for touchdowns in big games. Von Miller looked good… Eric Decker’s a player…

Well that’s about it. My prediction of 6 and 10 doesn’t look too bad so far. We should beat terrible teams. We have a marginal chance of beating average teams and we will get trounced by good teams. I will say that Green Bay’s defense is suspect. Few sacks this year, they get lit up through the air. Their defense better shape up if they want to go far in the playoffs.

I feel sorry for people like that Horvil Tiki who thought we’d come out of this game with a win. Goes to show you his homer ways can’t be trusted.

Next week we face San Diego at home. The Chargers are not playing all that well.

I will have an announcement later this week.