I went out of town this week and the one time I expected that punk to show up and post some, he couldn’t even manage that. I guess he’s off making some junk tiki to send to Brandon Lloyd. The sad truth is Lloyd will probably take one look at it and throw it in the trash.

I heard that Jeff Legwold at the Denver Post recently wrote an article on how the Broncos need to address their front seven–a week or so after the genius said we should take Patrick Peterson in his mock draft. That’s just great.

I will not stand for any talk of Patrick Peterson. We’ve had our own Patrick Peterson for six years now and this defense sucks. Oh wouldn’t it be great if the Broncos paid out the ass for another shutdown corner? Oh we’ll just rewind the highlight reel of Peterson making two open field tackles and shutting down Dwayne Bowe in a game. Meanwhile the rest of our defensive backs get shredded all game long by a B, C or even D list quarterback with all the time in the world to throw.

The 2011 NFL draft is an opportunity for the Denver Broncos to draft an elite talent on the defensive line. They must take the chance on an elite defensive line prospect with the number two pick in the draft. This is the equivalent of drafting a franchise quarterback on defense. You must take the chance–no player in this draft is a sure thing. I’ll say it’s a tall order for this Patrick Peterson to be the next Champ Bailey, and guess what? So what if he is. We’ve had Champ Bailey for six years and our defense sucks, and has sucked, it sucks.

If  Da’Quan Bowers or Nick Fairley are the Julius Peppers or Richard Seymour of the draft it would be nothing short of inexcusable for us to pass on either of them. Can you imagine how disgraceful it would be to pass on Bowers and he goes off to become the next Julius Peppers? How inexcusable. We need a Champ Bailey on the defensive line. We can do without Patrick Peterson and we can do without Champ Bailey.

Want a cornerback? How about signing Nnamdi Asomugha? Talk about a sure thing? That Asomugha is a sure thing and he’s younger than Bailey. Patrick Peterson is not a sure thing.

Or you can draft a corner in the second round. Andre Goodman is a solid cornerback, pick up another Goodman in free agency. The Denver Broncos have not had a top tier defensive lineman besides Dumervil in years, for a decade for crying out loud.

Sign a free agent or draft a corner in the second round, that is, unless you want to get stuck on stupid and field the same defense every year and expect a different result. Stuck on stupid. How many years has this team struggled to pressure the quarterback? I’m sick and tired of Rivers, Brady, Manning and yes even the great Jamarcus Russell, sick and tired of them shredding the Broncos defense–and oh, by the way we’ve had Champ Bailey playing for us and it didn’t matter jack $^&t.  So what if he took care of one receiver–you notice these no-name fourth and fifth receivers always seem to have big games against the Broncos? Pressure on the quarterback beats a Manning, it beats a Brady and a Rivers. I’m confident Elway knows what stops an Elway–it’s not a corner. Having a Bailey or Peterson (if he’s even that great) out there doesn’t do much if you can’t pressure the quarterback. Teams simply won’t throw to that side and they will decimate the other areas of the field.

I see Patrick Peterson is on a lot of popular mock drafts out there and it’s downright lazy.

” Champ’s leaving so the Broncos need Peterson. ”

I suppose these people haven’t watched the Broncos for the last decade. I suppose they haven’t watched the Broncos in the last five years for that matter.

Elway ought to know, I have confidence in this coach too, this Fox ought to know, pressure on the quarterback is a must. We’re in the position to draft elite defensive line talent and we will do so. We must do so. All this talk of Fairley and Bowers being “too risky” and goobers comparing them to Jarvis Moss and Robert Ayers–what a joke.

Ayers and Moss weren’t nearly the prospects that Bowers and Fairley are. Bowers and Fairley dominated all year and did so against top college talent. What do you want them to do? Go back and dominate in their Senior year? Then they’ll prove themselves worthy? What a joke, these two linemen dominated against top college talent all year and either of them is exactly what the Broncos need on the defensive line.

Sick and tired of hearing how Fairley is a “dirty player.” Oh boo fricken hoo, it’s probably these same mental defectives who got all broken up over the stupid “Spygate II” nonsense. “Oh me oh my, the integrity of the Broncos is in question,”–what a joke. Hell, even the Forty Niners–the very team we “spied” on–they didn’t give a rat’s ass about it. Water off a duck’s back. They wanted to interview McDaniels for a head coaching position this offseason–that’s how broken up the 49er’s were over “Spygate.”

Fairley a dirty player? Good.

For %&$’s sake that’s exactly what we need on that defensive line–you’ve got to be %*&%ing $&&%ing me.

If for some reason, if for some weird reason the Broncos don’t come away with Fairley or Bowers, then they better hope, they better pray that Bowers or Fairley aren’t the equivalent of the next Julius Peppers or Richard Seymour. Talk about a joke. Talk about inexcusable. Talk about being in position to draft an impact player on the d-line possibly for a decade and instead they absolutely screw the pooch. Absolutely flub it beyond comprehension. If they don’t come away with Fairley or Bowers they damn well better drop down just enough to come away with Quinn or Dareus.

No, you take the chance. When you have the chance to draft the equivalent of a franchise quarterback on defense you do it. You don’t overthink, you don’t flub around like a chicken with it’s head cut off and you don’t draft a cornerback in the second spot.

I demand Fairley or Bowers and I believe I will not be left wanting after this draft.

But for now, I’m getting ready for quality comedy tomorrow at 3:00 EST. Huck will be dorting. He knows he wants to Dort. The season ending Dort is upon us. You can’t take the Dort out of Huck.