What a disgrace.

This proves to everyone that (like him or hate him) Skip Bayless was and is correct in stating the Denver Broncos brass have zero faith in Tim Tebow.

It’s more apparent than ever.

Count P.P. Dublinski as one of the voices of dissent in this issue of Manning joining the Broncos.

I am not excited by this at all.

1. Manning likely will not choose the Broncos. It’s not a good fit for him.

2. If we don’t land Manning, we’ll have driven a proverbial stake in the heart of our starting QB. (Is there any wonder why Jay Huckdort Cutler wanted out of Denver?)

3. If, for some odd reason, if the Broncos did manage to land Manning:

a. He is immobile and he will be duck soup behind our offensive line. Much like Kyle Orton was.

b. Our running game will suffer. Forget the 600+ yards Tebow tacked on, our running game won’t be as good without the misdirection of the option. Lance ball was running free in that option offense.

c. With 36 year old immobile Manning there’s a great chance the Broncos regress or stay the same for the next couple seasons.

Was it worth it?

There’s a potential disaster in the making here folks and I’m sick of it. I’m sick of these tired clowns:

Manning is the answer... we're Super Bowl bound.

“It’s Peyton freaking Manning.”

“This would make the Broncos an instant contender.”


Has anyone chewed on the thought of the Broncos going 7-9 this year with Manning?

Entirely possible.

Peyton Manning would be Duck Soup behind our line. Duck Soup throwing to our stellar receivers (maybe add an aged Reggie Wayne into the mix ‘golf clap’) and duck soup with a very average running game.

Mark Kizsla at the Denver Post made a genius remark that Peyton Manning would have been amazing to have in that AFC playoff game against the Patriots.

I’d wager Manning would have lasted the first half. How badly did our quarterback get smashed in that game? He wasn’t trying to run much in that game either folks. Most of those hits came in the pocket.

And they came quickly.

Kyle Orton was duck soup out there behind our line. All of a sudden that offensive line became one of the “best in the league” — some joke that is. Oh I don’t know, maybe having a mobile quarterback is just what the Broncos needed to get from 6-10 to 8-8?

If Manning had mobility, I wouldn’t be upset at this move.

He doesn’t. He won’t have the system and weapons here that he’s used to. The fans would go insane if we started losing games. It’s a bad fit.

He’s better off in Arizona throwing to Fitzgerald.

Even then, I don’t see any of these teams on his short list going to the Super Bowl any time soon with Manning.

This is a potential disaster in the making.

"We'd like a pocket passer at all costs," said John Elway "Even if it means less money to spend on our crappy defense." - John Leyba, Denver Post photo

“It’s Peyton freaking Manning”

Oh, I’m gonna remember that one.