Marty Schottenheimer

1. Marty Schottenheimer: For God sakes talk about living in the past, we’ll field a decent team in the regular season, then we’ll be looking for a new coach who can win in the playoffs.

2. Mike Mularkey: About as boring a choice as one could possibly imagine–might as well get Ditka to come out of retirement, at least that would be interesting.

3. Mike Nolan: Overrated, plus he already had his chance as head coach in this league.

4. Gary Kubiak: A cornball idea probably brought up by that Numby at the Post, Elway and Kubiak in control of the Broncos has Numby written all over it. Elway fine, Kubiak not so much–he had his shot with the Texans.

5. Jim Fassel: Head coach? No. Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach? Sure. Although keeping Ben McDaniels as quarterbacks coach might not be a bad idea–his brother probably taught him everything he needs to know.

I don’t really care who the Broncos hire as long as it’s none of these characters.

Bowlen prefers offensive-minded head coaches. He likes offensive minds because he likes his team to have star power at quarterback. He’s not a stout-defense/run-the-ball kind of owner. It’s a sound, core philosophy. Football franchises are about winning, first, but they’re also about entertainment. Mike Klis-Denver Post

George Costanza SeinfeldBowlen should take a page out of the ridiculous life of George Costanza and do the opposite of hiring an offensive guru this time.

After a lifetime mired in complete suckage, one day George Costanza found the wherewithal to do the opposite of everything he normally did. For once, everything fell into place for him, everything turned out for the better.

Instead of some offensive guru, instead of some finesse loving goober it’s time the Broncos had a defensive minded head coach. This team needs defense more than it needs offense. The offense may not be far away, add a complimentary running back, add one or two road graters on the line and we’re in business. The defense is far away from becoming a great unit, if we make the right moves and if we have good coaching it can be a serviceable unit. If.

I bet that Numby will be rearing up a leg and cutting boofarts at the table tomorrow, cutting dusty boofarts as he talks up the old days and the arrival of Kubiak in Denver.

For most of you people tomorrow is Christmas, so Happy Holidays and whatever.

For P.P. Dublinski, tomorrow is Saturday with a prime rib.