Manning leaves Bowlen, Elway and Fox holding the bag.

Bowlen: "I want a Super Bowl NOW... grumble grumble... fart."

Then what?

Trade our much maligned Tebow to the Jags and reach on Weeden or Tannehill?

Wouldn’t that be great? Especially if either failed to perform?

Or keep Tebow and expect fans to buy up tickets in droves since Tebow’s on the cover of the season preview?

What a joke. What a mistake this is.

Nice how we reward our young quarterback who showed flashes. More flashes than many other young quarterbacks in the league. Nice how we reward our young quarterback who led us to multiple come from behind victories, saved the season and won a playoff game. I bet Colt McCoy or Blaine Gabbert would have loved to pull out some wins in the fourth quarter. That’s not an easy thing to do you know.

This kid deserved a full offseason with little drama and the backing of our brass. He deserved a full offseason and deserved to start this year.

It’s the smart thing to do with a young QB who shows promise.

It’s the smart thing to focus on plugging holes in this recently 4-12 team, acquire a veteran backup and draft a mid to late round QB to push the kid and maybe even overtake the starting job if he fails.

Then if the kid fails this year it’s the smart thing to then draft a quarterback in 2013 when we’d have a much higher first round pick.

John Elway said he was going to work with Tebow in the offseason.

Source: John Elway prepares to help Tebow in the offseason by consulting Peyton Manning.

Some joke that is. I don’t think I’d listen to a word old horse teeth said after this debacle. Let’s be glad Tebow doesn’t have the spirit of P.P.

So much blind praise of this front office. How about a more objective look at it thus far?

Drafted Miller: Fine, Dareus or Peterson weren’t misses either. Drafted Moore: Not good. Drafted Irving: Didn’t see anything, we’ll see though. Botched the trade of Kyle Orton: Terrible. Should have traded him while his value was high, when it didn’t go down this FO believed we’d get to the playoffs with Orton. Goobers yelled “Career Year and Pro Bowl” while P.P. laughed and put up his impeccable Reality Meter. Traded a very good receiver in Jabar Gaffney for nothing. Threw a bunch of money at an injury prone Ty Warren who misses the season: Bad. Signed McGahee : Good. Signed Bunkley: Good. Gave the reins to the kid and try to turn him into Kyle Orton: Bad.

Finally, they come around to letting the kid do his thing and lo and behold we start winning.  While winning we endure week after week of snide comments leaking from the VP, which was unprofessional and unprecedented.

Overall it’s not all roses in Denver, it’s a mixed bag.

Now they want to sign a fourteen year veteran and kick the kid to the curb. For some reason the FO thinks we’re Super Bowl ready.

Maybe Tebowmania just got to Kyle Orton. Yeah, that’s why the pocket passer performed so poorly.

Actually our defense is top ten isn’t it? The way people are talking they’re really something. Well, they must be top fifteen right?

Actually no, they’re 20th.

They looked like 30th against the Patriots.

By the way, that defense needs about 5-6 starters.

I heard that Peyton Manning has video to prove he can throw fifty plus yards.

Did you hear that one?

I wonder if he has a video where he gets blindsided by a 300 pound lineman?

You know, like what happened to Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow behind our line?

More so the immobile Manning-like Orton. Funny how Tebow’s biggest hits came from inside the pocket when he tried to do an impression of Kyle Orton — like his coaches undoubtedly wanted.

Elway and Fox better get on their knees and pray. Pray that Peyton Manning chooses the Cardinals.

This is a mistake. This is a disgrace.

It’s not going to work.

The Denver Broncos will not win a Super Bowl this way.

I believe Manning realizes this. I believe he knows we’re further off from contending than Elway and Co. like to believe.

I believe Manning realizes there is a lot of pressure in Denver. Pressure to perform. If the Broncos fail to impress with Manning the backlash would be huge.


In Arizona?

Not so much.

John Elway and John Fox better pray that Manning chooses the Cardinals.

Or I, P.P. Dublinski will be there at every misstep. Every failure and every loss along the way I will be laughing and destroying these two and reminding them of their incredulity. I will ride atop a tsunami of devastation.

Jobs will be lost in such a wake.

I helped run Shanahan, Jay Huckdort Cutler, Scheffler and Brandon Marshall out of town.

And oh, when I turned on Orton, it wasn’t pretty. In fact it was even more devastating than I imagined.

I’ll do the same to John Elway and John Fox if this goes down. We ain’t winning a Super Bowl with Manning. It’s not a good fit. Smacks of pure bone headed “pocket passer” delusion and desperation. I suppose Elway has to have a pocket passer at all costs. He’s stuck on stupid with this crap. Manning in his eighth year? Fine. In his fifteenth? You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Better get in line with this FO.”

“Elway knows.”

“It’s John- freaking – Elway.”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t care about John Elway the VP. I don’t give a rat’s ass quite honestly. Elway the player did us a great service — one of the greatest ever. Elway the VP can take a hike any time as far as I’m concerned.

Especially after this asinine move.

When Peyton says no, you damn well better sign Mario Williams.

That’s a smart move. Young, in his prime. Helps our defense.

Get Brandon Carr and Williams. Throw the money at them.

And oh yeah, it might be nice if this FO did the smart thing like keeping their mouths shut about our quarterback until his performance in the games dictates otherwise.