Over thirty hours from that loss and I feel the same.

The coach isn’t going anywhere–but he will if this team giving this “effort.” Yeah we’ve been beaten soundly at times under McDaniels, but that was egregious.

I saw a team that didn’t believe in its coaches, didn’t believe in the game plan and ultimately a team that probably didn’t believe it could win. And if they did believe any of those things, they sure didn’t look like it out there.

I didn’t see any leadership out there. I saw a Canadian Goose in Orton. A goose honking around who probably couldn’t inspire a fart out of someone’s ass. He looked like the coach. Did you see McDaniels in the first half, eh? Looked like he was tired. He was peckered, that whole team was peckered. Knowshon Moreno showed a little enthusiasm, maybe too much. Note to Knowshon: Act like you’ve been there before. D.J. Williams showed a little fire on defense, other  than that it was pretty damn pathetic.

You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see Brian Dawkins do something. Anything. I know he’s injured, but did you see the expression on his face when the camera panned to him in that game? There was no expression, looked as peckered as the coach. I heard Dawkins single-handedly “willed” the Eagles defense into the playoffs. Where the hell is that guy, eh? You know it’s bad when even the Wolverine gets de-clawed.

As atrocious as this whole debacle is, I’m wracking it up to an anomaly. We lost a bunch of games late last season and a whopping five losses out of the gate this season. In most of these games we’re at least close at the half. The Broncos have been competitive in these losses up until now… which begs the question why did they let such a horrendous fart last Sunday?

We could win the next two games. But do you feel confident we will?

Not me.

I think this team could go 6 and 3 at best–at best–in the second half of this season. 6 and 3 at best, finishing with an 8 and 8 record.

7 and 2? 8 and 1? Win all 9?

I don’t think so. Not the way we’re playing. Inconsistent and mistake ridden even when we do manage to put forth a valiant effort. Both Ayers and Dumervil out stings too badly. But we could right the ship somewhat going 6 and 3, we could set the tone for things to come–hopefully. This team needs a 10 and 6 record to make the playoffs, maybe 9 and 7 if they’re lucky and let’s be honest it ain’t happening.

That’s why I want to see Tebow in there once we drop another game. It won’t happen though. Oh I bet we’ll eventually drop two or three more games and then we’ll start him in week 13 or 14, something lame like that. Probably so a QB controversy doesn’t start brewing or so Kyle Orton doesn’t feel bad.

I respect Kyle Orton, I want him on this team but I question the fire in his belly. I question his ability to fire up and inspire confidence in his teammates. Plus, we pretty much know what we have with him. He’s a tough guy, he’s a game manager who is accurate but coming from behind isn’t his forte. And hey, I don’t expect him to, that’s not what he does. This team has trouble playing catch up and he’s the kind of guy who will give you mistake free play while sitting on a lead–most of the time anyways. He’s not a dynamic threat at the quarterback position. This offense moves the ball but has trouble scoring touchdowns–period. I don’t care one bit about stats. Remember how bad the Denver defense was in the stat department during the 97 Super Bowl run? They sucked in the stat department, but they didn’t give up touchdowns and that’s what counts. This offense isn’t scoring touchdowns, not enough of them to be competitive and the big playmakers on our defensive line are injured. It all amounts to a sobering, realistic view of the upcoming nine games.

Three touchdowns scored that quickly by the Raiders… you think we’re coming back from that? Heck yeah we could, maybe if the defense held the other team to three points for the rest of the damn game. The way this season is going, I want them to put in the kid at QB sooner rather than later, I want to see what he’s got. Hell, when we’re officially out of the playoffs it will be one of the only fun things left to look forward to. That and watching Hucky Dorts melt down up there in Chicago.

Kyle Orton can still bounce back from this. He can silence the chants of Tebow by leading drives that score touchdowns. This ship can be turned around and we could end up a  somewhat respectable 8 and 8. Tebow could get the start week 13, come in and play brilliantly and then lose the competition to Orton next season. Fine by me. But sooner, rather than later we should put in the kid and it’s no real demotion of Orton. Why should he play when the playoffs are out of the picture? What’s he gonna prove? The writing’s on the proverbial wall, and this team needs nothing short of  a miracle to reach 9 and 7.

I’ll say this, if this team only wins one more game this season it damn well better be the game on December 19th.