First, Knowshon Moreno had a good, not great rookie campaign.

What you need from rookies is for them to flashes, flashes of brilliance. Through these flashes, they show you that maybe they can play in this league.

For the most part, John Elway looked like a turd in his rookie season. Lining up under the damn guard, but John Elway also showed flashes of brilliance a times.

How about Jarvis Moss. I saw nothing from Moss, I saw no moves that perhaps he could work with — I saw nothing. I felt he brought nothing to the table when I first seen him out there and my opinion didn’t change his second year.

I wasn’t ready to call him a bust his first year, after all, rookie classes can’t be completely and accurately judged in one year.

Knowshon Moreno Broncos

Knowshon Moreno

Knowshon Moreno showed me the requisite flashes. The kid’s got moves, he’s got talent, and I should emphasize kid.¬† You seen him on the sidelines, eh? He looks like a damn boy, no offense. He has room to grow, I see him putting on another ten pounds of muscle in the next couple years. He blocks, he catches brilliantly out of the backfield and McDaniels knew he was getting a good running back that will fit the system to a T.

I expect an average of 1300 yards out of Moreno with 500 or so yards catching out of the backfield in the coming seasons. He’s a leader, he’s got good character and his game will improve greatly with the revision of our poor offensive line interior, which is something that absolutely killed us. This¬† complete and utter nonsense that “Moreno couldn’t find the holes” from our wonderful offensive line interior is being floated by a guy who I’m convinced doesn’t even watch the games. Same guy who said the Broncos front seven are a bunch of pass rushers. We have one pass rusher. And furthermore, Jerome Bettis would have struggled running behind our interior line.

Moreno is the least of our worries.

Robert Ayers Broncos

Robert Ayers

Robert Ayers, I fully believe Robert Ayers will be a starting linebacker for us. A solid, starting caliber linebacker. He doesn’t have to be a 13 sack guy, he may never be that. If he does that someday, fine, but we don’t need him to be that. I saw what I needed to see out of Robert Ayers, especially as the season went on. He showed flashes of being able to play well in this league, I saw good juke moves and good edge rushing technique and saw more improvement from him as the year went on. Although he didn’t get a sack he was getting closer, getting pressures, laying out McNabb in that Eagles game. When ten guys on our defense couldn’t tackle Jamaal Charles, Ayers picked him up and planted his ass. Something to be said about that. I’m not going to sit here and say Ayers is the best thing since sliced bread. Jarvis Moss showed me nothing. Robert Ayers showed me flashes of ability, and I expect he’ll be a solid linebacker for us. I said we needed another guy on that defensive front to get us 7-8 sacks. Robert Ayers can be that guy. Also, Mario Haggan did not play too badly for us — tough spot coming in as a rookie and having to battle it out with a veteran who is playing well and named a captain to boot.

You can say I’m looking through orange and blue tinted glasses all you want. I know talent and I ain’t no stoop. We’ll see who the damn geniuses are. If we pick a guy that sucks I’ll be all over his ass, when appropriate. Certainly not after someone’s first damn rookie season. Even a Moss you wait til the second year at least to see what the hell is going on. I ain’t no damn microwave gotta have it now generation sea cucumber, led by some weak, fickle Numbnut at the Post.

One guy that concerns me is Alphonso Smith. But I know that generally, corners have it rougher than most their first year. Hell, look at Champ Bailey’s first year with us in a new system. Didn’t start off pretty. Smith showed flashes in preseason, and then he had some good plays in the early games. Making a Bailey-esque move to swat and kill a 3rd and 10 pass in that Cincinnati game. Problem is, as the year went on he certainly got demoted. Still not going to say he’s a bust, that would be moronic to say after one rookie season. But I’m not as confident about him right now, as I am about Moreno and Ayers. And McBath for that matter, that kid’s a player.