Hey guy the Elway get this award the walter camps man of year for he best player and he public things he do for good so yes that is cool. mad respective of the elway continue alway into retire./

But this guy no respect. what give. horton is win he do good for us and no respective. Guy say he is rodney dangerfeel of nfl.

no respect guy

no respect guy

I hope team still think he rodney guy cause horton is win. guy here say horton is no turnover guy. thats rite guy. thats rite. NO turn over go other way/ He scan you field and get ball to open receive pow . he get job done. Quart back rate through roof rookie card rise on ebay in the mint conditional. Guy say what happen, horton done spead you feild guy and move 98 yard to win game holme that what happen. he pick guy apart.. horton is crisp. he the accurat force of to make bronco win. win at home and on road yes. long time ago I have coach who say got to hone it guy. must hone. I did not know what hone mean. the horton is honing it guy. all the bronco is do this now. they honing it for real yes.

I see you 54. I see the ander davis guy. This guy good line back for us. He make good play I see in first half of san deigo game he get block when run in but he come in so fast he mash guy up so badly guy. it take toll and make weak leg of enemy team offence in second half.  cant stand this guy all day guy. it wearer they down. makey you leg weak yes. oh yes guy you is all done when bronco come correct like this. andra davis is oh snap from in middle rush and masher guy so the badly.

The robert ayer make good play guy he show the flash of great. just get the quart back guy dont miss any more come on. this guy show move he show sign guy. I say in summer robet ayer is the defence technical guy. but he no this yet he too young. the Renaldoe hill is you defence technical. Guy say in secon half of patriot game the renaldo hill tell coach what go on yes. he feild general of the denver guy,. I see him come and mash guy up in blitz too. this is cool. ander goodman is this too, we have many defence technical guy. I cant beleef this defence guy oh snap. mighty defence of the denver. it put grandfather at ease he no have to worry about fall apart defence it stalwart guy. stalwart.

I want to give the mad respectives to the green forest guy who comment the clady pan cake cause like I do this and whip egg with beater. And liek they was the best pan cake ever guy. ever. I eman it,.  grandfather have two he usual have one it so good like this. it light it fuffy yes. I wonder who the green forest guy is I bet he is the gordon ramsy guy on tv or some thing,.