It was a great loss out there today.

No matter what, Timmy Teebs has proven he belongs in this league. Tim Tebow will have every bit as long a career as Kyle Orton in the NFL and Kyle Orton will be around a long while–bouncing from team to team.

Anyone labeling Tebow a bust is a degenerate and doesn’t deserve to be heard. These commentators and their group think is a joke. “Tebow won’t complete over 50 percent of his passes,” who the hell cares if he doesn’t–as long as we win games. Tebow leads the offense down the field and scores points, period. He’s had a very good rookie outing, better than most, better than John Elway.

What remains to be seen is whether Tebow will be great, you can certainly question that–you can do that to any rookie. But to say he can’t play in this league or that his throwing motion will hamper him is a joke, a fraud and an adjunct failure. He throws a beautiful spiral and he’s more accurate than these buffoons give him credit for. This offseason, practicing with the wide receivers–I expect improvement.

It was a great loss today and anyone calling into question my rooting for a loss doesn’t deserve to be heard either. How lame it would have been to win this game. I want that Da’Quan Bowers, that giant man, that freak of nature,  I better see him lumbering on down to the draft stage and putting on a Denver Broncos hat this April.
Da'Quan Bowers

I want that Bowers chasing Philip Rivers all over the field trying to twist him into a pretzel next year.