I’ve been hearing a lot of sea cucumbers out there gurgling the same raw sewage crap.

Oh we better put in Brady Quinn cause Tebow’s stinking up the place.

These people have no clue. It’s not only the fact that Quinn is a poor man’s Kyle Orton, no it’s more than that.

Put in Quinn and our running game SUCKS.

These people hammering Tebow, claiming he has “nothing or little to do” with getting to the playoffs are on the level of sea cucumbers.

A big part of why Willis McGahee is running for 145 yards in these games is the threat of Tebow bouncing a 20 yard run to the outside.

Ain’t that the truth.

But oh no, Brady Quinn could have led the team to the playoffs. Brady Quinn could have mounted those fourth quarter comebacks.

Never mind Brady Quinn’s never shown he can do anything like that.

You want to look to a new Broncos quarterback? Look to the one we draft this year between rounds two and five. Leave the Brady Quinn championing to morons like that Jeff Legwold at the Denver Compost.

Yeah, Tebow’s sucked the last two games but so have a lot of other Broncos. I hear people getting upset over Tebow not finding Eric Decker the “two times” he was open.

Two freaking times.

I’ll tell you, losing Brandon Lloyd was huge. Losing Jabar Gaffney in a trade for nothing was big too.

Open two times? How about fourteen times like Jabar Gaffney when he took over for Brandon Marshall against the Chiefs in 2009?

How about that Kyle Orton eh? Oh he was something special wasn’t he last week. Yeah he was absolute turd without Dwayne Bowe.


With a capital ” T. ”

What’s Orton without All Pro, go-to receiver Bowe, eh? I’ll tell you what: Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt, Punt…

Our passing offense was Orton to Marshall, Orton to Lloyd. Teams started double teaming Lloyd during our incredible 1-4 stretch with Kyle Orton and he still forced the ball to Lloyd.

Tells you something about the other guys, don’t it.

The Denver Broncos do not, I repeat do not have a single go-to receiver.

Look around the league, every good QB has at least one. One of those guys who makes all the tough catches, keeps his feet in bounds — you know, all the things our guys struggle with.

Maybe Demaryius Thomas can be that guy. Maybe.

But for now, we don’t have one and we’re sorely missing one.

In the big picture, TimTebow deserves a full offseason and his shot at starting all 16 games next year. He’s earned it.

There’s enough there, there’s enough flashes he’s shown to warrant that and for crying out loud look at what he’s done for our running game.

You put Brady Quinn in there and our running game will come down to earth. We will get smashed by teams straight lining it up and coming right for Willis McGahee. No mobile QB to worry about running round end for 20 anymore, that’s for damn sure.

Some of these goobers have no idea what this Tebow is doing for our running game, even if he doesn’t carry the ball for a hundred yards in a game–the mere threat of him running outside creates a hesitation in the defenders that our running backs have been exploiting. Option or not, take away that mobile QB and the defenses change to our detriment.

That’s why I want to see this team with a more dynamic, younger Willis McGahee running the ball. Hell, you see how many times McGahee had one man to beat out there? Since when is he known to be a ten yard per carry back? Someone younger, faster and more dynamic may be breaking these.

There’s enough there overall to build on, and in the near term this team has issues beyond that of quarterback.

About this Steelers game,  I better not see a bunch of them piss yellow terrible towels being twirled around. What a disgrace, it’s bad enough we have a bunch of goobers desperately clamoring for Brady Quinn to win the Super Bowl for us.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the Broncos win this game. It wouldn’t, not if it’s a 16 to 13 ugly debacle like the Broncos and Steelers have been getting themselves into lately. Could be an ugly game riddled with mistakes on both sides, but I also wouldn’t doubt the Broncos get beat 21 to 6 either.

I will say this: If I’m the Broncos defensive backs coach, I’d have them catching balls all week long from a machine spitting them out at John Elway speeds.

One thing I’ve noticed about Big Ben, he throws a lot of picks in the playoffs. Well, not really actually, the other teams drop so many of them it’s unreal. How many did the Broncos drop in that AFC championship game? Four? You’ve got to be kidding me.