It seems I gave the Broncos more credit than they deserved in my pre-game prediction. I had them actually scoring 20 points in a loss.

Aren’t you glad you listened to me though? Aren’t you glad that you didn’t buy into the over-hyped Broncos?

Poor saps out there probably crying in their beers. They don’t know what the hell just whacked them…

How about reality?

Oh yeah baby, cause I am reality.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t buy in last year too?

I sure as hell am. Like I’ve said since day one of acquiring Manning… DAY $)&%in ONE… THE BRONCOS WILL NOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP THIS WAY.

Oh let’s  see, we’ll take a team that ain’t ready on offense or defense (but everyone and their brother said it was a great team, they just had an inept QB holding them back)

We’ll take a team with a sub-par defense and very average running game and we’ll just tack on a hall of fame QB in the twilight of his years and we’ll become instant Super Bowl contenders… Right?

What a joke. What a disgrace. The whole damn team is practically Peyton Manning now. I don’t like it one bit. If he sucks, the Broncos suck and there ain’t no plan B. He’s about as mobile as Kyle Orton and if you pressure him he does his best Jerry Lewis impression out there. Too bad this team ain’t well rounded on offense, you know, like a plan B of a solid running game. A balanced attack like John Elway and Terrell Davis had.

Elway should have known, shouldn’t he? You can’t rely on a QB–even a great one–to be the whole effin’ show.

But oh no, we’re gonna be this finesse “pocket passing” Omaha!? Omaha!? crap.  Take your Omaha and stick it where the sun don’t shine pal. I want a damn rushing attack, some play action passing… but we won’t get that as long as Pumpkinhead is running the show.

Isn’t it great to be detached from this team for two years now? I sure as hell believe so. Last year when they crapped out in the playoffs I just watched as an unaffected observer. Same with this season, I didn’t buy into ANY of the hype. Even when they were breaking regular season records. I knew this team was weak and lacking. Not a Super Bowl running game, not a Super Bowl defense.

Was surprised the Broncos managed to get to the Super Bowl though, I didn’t quite recognize just how utterly sorry and pathetic the AFC was this year.

Hell, do you people even need another Broncos blog? All I read was a bunch of rah-rahhing crap and gums flapping about stats.

I told it to you people straight from the get-go. Straight from day *&%(*&ing ONE of the Manning debacle.

I could have saved you all sorts of time and anguish if you just listened to the IRON words of ol’ P.P. Dublinski.

Those who have an ear will hear what the Dark Ninja of the Depths is saying…

There should be 200 days of P.P.

Two hundred freaking days of P.P.

On every Colorado station, on every Colorado sports page.

Two hundred days of P.P. telling it like it is. Telling the rubes and the goobers to get lost. Ruling with an iron fist and smacking down sea cucumbers and their faulty logics, their inept thinkery, their debauched mental ineptitude left and right. Left and &^*&in right.

I am ruling and vindicated. Once again.

The rubes and the goobs must have been shell-shocked tonight.

But I sure as hell ain’t.

More to come, much more to come.