Let’s see here, DOnovan McNabb benched–like I said he’d be out of the league in two years, looks like it’ll be sooner than that.

Shanahan benches McNabb and he’s going with Rex Grossman for now. They will likely get rid of McNabb since the Redskins (smartly) added a clause that will void his insane contract if they cut him at the end of this season.

Redskins Pro Bowl DT Albert Haynesworth is acting like a Brandon Marshall prima donna and they will certainly trade him away to some other team.

Mike Shanahan’s first season with the Redskins continues on a lackluster 5 and 8 course with no playoff berth in site.

Moving forward, Shanahan will evaluate his quarterbacks and will look to this year’s draft to pick a QB he can groom while Rex Grossman takes over.

Where have we heard this story before, eh? Redskins getting rid of their top talent? Using a former Chicago quarterback as a stepping stone while they groom Shanny’s young hand picked QB?

Sounds an awful lot like a new coach and his rebuilding process doesn’t it?

I wonder if Shanahan will get fired next year if the Redskins are 4 and 9 at this point in the season? Will they fire him in the midst of his molding the team, rebuilding the Redskins? Should they?

I didn’t think McDaniels would get fired this year, I figured he had one more year and then it was do or die. Instead, this organization, this town couldn’t handle the truth and kowtowed to a bunch of whining goobers.

They couldn’t handle the truth, the Broncos have been mediocre for years and we needed wholesale change. Two years wasn’t long enough to right this ship. Just like they prematurely got rid of Bobby Knight in Ohio, Denver couldn’t stand the truth, and they couldn’t stand a winner telling them what to do.

I heard the Broncos locker room grew into a more and more negative place as this season went on and the losses piled up. McDaniels supposedly rode the coaches and the players harder with every loss.

Oh, I suppose we should make the 3-9 Broncos locker room Happy Fun Time. Bring someone in with a “positive attitude.” A lot good that did us? Eh?

What a joke, these coaches, these players deserved berating, this McDaniels probably wanted this staff and these players to rue the day… Rue the day they lost another game!

Some derelict rat of a coach couldn’t stand being harassed by McDaniels and turned on him. Couldn’t stand a berating from a young guy with three Super Bowl rings.

Peter King, Michael Lombardi were right: We were rebuilding, retooling and this town couldn’t stomach the painful transition.