Amazing to see some of these polls today that have Denver fans wishing for the Broncos to acquire Peyton Manning.

I don’t believe for a second the Broncos have any interest and the people claiming Denver is a “good fit” either just don’t know or are purposely out to get website hits.

“Denver has a running game.”

“Denver has a defense.”

Not really and not really.

The Denver Broncos running game is vanilla in the extreme without the misdirection that option offense provided. Defenses would play us straight up, attack our runners without fear of a QB breaking a run for a first down and we’d become a very average, if not a below average running team without it. Outside of McGahee our offensive line and backs haven’t changed too much over the last few years. We’re still not good at running the football in a  straight up formation against better teams.

Denver needs 5-6 starters on defense. We’re not a great defense yet. Our defense was opportunistic, played well in spots and benefited from the new run oriented option offense (when it worked, and it did for the most part).

Manning isn’t a good fit for what our team is doing. He’s no good fit for John Fox’s Foxball style of play.

What are we going to do? Throw a bunch of money at Peyton Manning and do a 180 to try and become some type of big-time passing team?

Not only is Manning a bad fit for the Broncos, he’s probably smart enough to not want to come here. Who are his weapons? Is our pass blocking stellar?

See Kyle Orton in the beginning of last year. Immobile and in some ways a poor, poor man’s Manning.

Not a good fit.