From the King Burger Bill Williamson at ESPN:

The Broncos wanted to sign both players(TE Fells, DT Hatcher) on their visits Friday, but didn’t have the cap room to do it. The Broncos have other priorities and want to make sure they can sign those players first. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Friday that Denver agreed to terms with running back Willis McGahee. But that deal is not final because of Denver’s cap situation.

The Broncos have been handcuffed because a proposed trade of quarterback Kyle Orton to Miami didn’t happen. The Broncos still hope to trade Orton to clear cap room.

If this is true, why they hell were we in on the DeAngelo Williams bidding? The Charles Johnson bidding?

What, did we offer them each 2 mil? They probably laughed and farted in our face.

What the hell is going on? If Orton really is screwing up our free agency to the point where we can’t even sign some role players, then why the hell is he still on the team?

Cut his ass. Get on with the future.

I’m sick and tired of living in the past. For all those morons who cry, “But Orton’s better in practice!” well what do you think we did with Steve DeBerg?

We did the right thing back then.

DeBerg was handed the starting job mid season after the awful rookie Elway’s first season.

We sent DeBerg packing that offseason.

In his second season, the still green Elway wouldn’t have won the starting job from the journeyman Steve DeBerg.

Tebow’s our first round pick and it’s time to see what he’s got, Orton’s not our future, period.

What the hell do we think we’re going to get for Orton anyways? Kevin Kolb compensation isn’t happening. No way, no how.

Is all this crap, is all this handcuffing of our finances really worth it over fourth round pick, a third round pick at best?

Cut Orton and get on with it. Whatever happened to us restructuring Dawkins deal too? Why is Renaldo Hill still on the team?

Front office, get your heads out of your asses for crying out loud.

What a mess.

In other news, Ty Warren is in the building and Amobi Okoye just got dumped. Both are worth a shot, but who knows, we probably can’t do anything with Cuckooman’s contract in the way. What a disgrace.

P.S. Cullen Jenkins is an Eagle, 5 years, 25 mil. I’ve about had it.