Cris Carter

Tebow sucks, end of story.

“What did he do anyways?”

“He can’t throw.”

“The team is just playing better.”

“It’s the o-line and the defense.”

No, it’s mainly Tebow and the new scheme.

Fact is, we just beat Kansas City and Oakland in back to back wins in their own buildings.

Where’s the hate for Colt McCoy? Should we try and run Colt McCoy out of the league? How about Michael Vick? Here’s a guy paid millions on a team loaded with talent and he’s absolutely stinking the place up.

In the new Tebow scheme, even Lance Ball put up over 90 yards–just imagine if we drafted a talented running back that is used to running the read option. Wouldn’t be a bad idea, the way things are going. I haven’t seen a dominant rushing attack like this since the glory days of the late nineties Broncos. Hell, Eddie Royal and our fullback Spencer Larsen even got in on the ground action.

Brady Quinn and Kyle Orton can’t run this offense, period. If we put Brady Quinn or Kyle Orton back in there it would be the same old vanilla running scheme and dink and dunk passing that got us nowhere.

One reason the defense is playing better is because we are keeping them off the field. Quick three and outs were a plague with Kyle Orton and in the old offense. There’s only so much he could do on third downs, predictable. Not only did the defense stay on the field too much with Orton, but we gave them a short field time and time again.

mark schlereth tebow

Tebow's a fullback.

Getting tired of this Schlereth character. I saw him picking the Chiefs to win and dissing Tebow yet again, where’s your loyalty eh there Schlereth? I’d rather piss beans out my ass than listen to another segment of Mark Schlereth yammering Broncos wisdom. Wait, wasn’t Schlereth one of the tools dissing that kid who wanted Tebow to start immediately? I think that kid from Kentucky had a better grip on the 2011 Denver Broncos than Mark Schlereth and his Elway loyalists ever did at the beginning of the season. They were the ones claiming Kyle Orton would make us credible, some joke that was.

Skip Bayless goes a little too far, he probably thinks the Broncos would be 8-1 right now if Tebow started the season, I say 6-3.

6 and 3. Damn right, we could have won that Raiders game with Teebs (23-20) and the Titans game (17-14)

The great Eric Allen of ESPN says the Tebow offense is a waste of time, citing it won’t get the Broncos to the Superbowl this year…

Are you kidding me? Did anyone think the 2011 Orton-led Broncos were going to the Super Bowl? What a joke.

I don’t believe this offense is a fad like the Wildcat, there’s so much more you can do out of this offense. Two running backs, receivers running, QB running–that’s a lot to gameplan for.  Plus, if the kid progresses in his passing, look out.

It doesn’t matter if a team knows the read option is coming as long as the Broncos continue to execute it well.

You pretty much know what Peyton Manning will do, you know what Tom Brady will do, the problem is stopping them.

Moreno Torn ACL, Injured Reserve

That’s it for Knowshon Moreno in 2011. I hoped we could use him as a third down draw and screen pass back but he just can’t stay on the field. Some other team will pick him up in the future at a reduced cost to use him like that and he’ll have some success in that role, that is, if he can even stay healthy–which is a big if.