Whoa now you see that poll over at the Denver Post, eh? 69% say trade Orton now. What an absolute joke.

Sorry, but you’ve got to beat the man to be the man, and Kyle Orton is the man.

All the praise about hard work and passes to equipment managers means nothing, getting it done on the field in actual games means everything.

Numbnuts over there has officially set himself up as Ringmaster for the Tebow circus. I heard he even talked to Tebow.
Woody Paige Numby

I don’t think the Broncos drafted Tebow if they thought if he would sit around for three years. -Numbnuts

Duh. He ain’t sitting for three years. He will be playing this year, absolutely.

Tebow the athlete, Tebow the offensive weapon will be on the field. Tebow the pocket passer quarterback, Tebow the “second coming of John Elway,” will be taking a back seat. Sorry Numby. The pocket passer project may take years. It may never even pan out.

People are all caught up in this whirlwind–I’m not. Some critics have come around since the “throwing motion was fixed,”–I haven’t.

I tell it like it is, I see it like it is. Nothing has changed. Tebow the pocket passer is but a project, an if, a maybe. Supreme confidence? What if he’s out there confidently getting picked off?

Tebow the quarterback of Wild Horses, Tebow the dynamic threat defenses will have to gameplan for is real.

That may be all he ever is, and he will go down in history as a good draft pick if that is the case. If teams we face have to do extra gameplanning for Tebow Time–consider it a great pick. How many times did we get blown up on offense in third and short, fourth and goal? When it absolutely counted?

December 31st of last year I came out with my want list: P.P.’s want list has come into fruition.

1. A new center – J.D. Walton

2. A new guard (or two). – Zane Beadles, Eric Olsen, Stanley Daniels (Seth Olsen will be “new”)

3. A defensive end who can sack the quarterback. – Jarvis Green, Justin Bannan – better than what we had there.

4. At least two new wide receivers. – Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker

5. A veteran (someone who has at least played in some games) backup for Orton. – Brady Quinn

6. A big running back for tough/short yardage duty.  – Tim Tebow

There you have it: My greatness on display for all to see.

Do you people think this coach is going to trade Kyle Orton before any real competition begins? Do you think this guy is stupid? About 9,000 of you must think McDaniels has the brains of a bona fide moronic, degenerate sea cucumber.

Do you think Bill Belichik wanted Tebow–the second coming of John Elway–to come in and replace Tom Brady right away?

Peyton Manning, the yokel he is, thought the Colts could have used Tebow:

“Any NFL team would be lucky to have Tim Tebow. I think about all the problems we’ve had on third-and-1 and fourth-and-1. He was probably 100 percent in his college career at converting those.”- Manning

Bingo. This guy’s smarter than I’ve given him credit for. Maybe that’s why he’s been eating our lunch, eating on our dime for the past 8 seasons practically.

Tim Tebow will indeed be on that field playing for us sooner than later–not as a pocket passer. But we should trade our one proven QB Kyle Orton now?

Numbnuts Woody Paige

This guy Numby at the Post ain’t even serious. He’s just out for attention, out to provoke. A real provocateur. Sadly there’s 9,000 or so moronic, degenerated, dim-witted mollusks following right behind him, lapping up his sordid game like lost puppy dogs. That alcohol soaked bum, that snake oil salesman, that proverbial wart on the ass end of the Denver Post Broncos. Consistently wrong, just out to agitate and deceive the rubes.

Trade Orton now?

Woody Paige


Stupid is as stupid does.