John Fox Broncos

Maybe I should stick to defense?

There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about how quarterback Kyle Orton is so important to the Broncos since he will flourish behind a new improved running attack. Now there’s even talk of how Brady Quinn could be the true backup in Denver.

Some journalists and fans with rose colored lenses even believe Brady Quinn could push Kyle Orton for the starting job.

I’m beginning to think this coach is stupid enough to believe he really has something special in either Orton or Quinn.

I’m here to throw a cold bucket of water on all these grandiose hopes and dreams.

I am reality.

I’m looking at this schedule right now, and right now it doesn’t look good. I’d say we have a chance at starting out 2-0 and possibly even 3-0 but from there on out the buzz saw cometh. There’s really only one gimme on this schedule–the Bengals should be a disaster.

I don’t believe the Broncos will have a very good running game this year. I don’t see the personnel changes to warrant any hope for this. I see us running a little better, I see us being adequate, not good. The preseason may give us a false sense of hope. We may be going into this season thinking we’re a running juggernaut, since it’s preseason and Dallas, Buffalo, Seattle and Arizona are all teams lacking in run defense.

Talking up the Broncos new rushing attack? Talk to me week seven when some of the regular season smoke has cleared. You know, after we play some real teams with real defenses.  In the last preseason game against Dallas, the Broncos ran the ball well down to the goal line but what happened at the goal line? That’s right, a defender ran in unabated and stuffed our guy in the backfield in true (recent) Broncos fashion.

We actually managed to run the ball at times last year. We did run the ball at times, but not when it counted. This offense could not road grate for the hard yards with the game on the line. We couldn’t run when it mattered most. Color me a gooned out goober, but I don’t see where we’ve changed personnel wise to expect a huge difference this year.

Our new improved defense should rush the passer better, hopefully this Rahim Moore and a new improved pass rush can create more turnovers, but other than that I see a team who will once again struggle to stop the run. I believe offenses will attack our middle all season long, I’m not even sure Ty Warren would have been much of a factor if he was healthy. Bunkley, Vickerson, Thomas, Mays–I don’t see a lot of run stopping talent in our middle.

Like I’ve said and will say again, the Broncos are coming off a 4 and 12 season. We don’t have the personnel to run a grinding, unspectacular game managing offense. We don’t have the personnel to put up 17 points and hold the other team to 10.

If anything, this team needs some dynamic play making ability behind center. Especially on third downs. Especially on the goal line.

Some people, including John Fox seem to think we have the personnel to make Kyle Orton successful beyond some decent statistics. We’ll see who the geniuses are.

Looking at this schedule, looking at it on paper right now, I’d have to say Vegas is correct: 6 or 7 wins with Kyle Orton starting.

Brady Quinn Broncos

The Mighty Quimby

Brady Quinn, do you remember him? Or are you blinded by the new and improved Brady Quinn? You know, Mike Klis of the Denver Compost describes Quinn as having a stronger arm than both the Manning brothers. That’s a pretty awe inspiring claim. Are you blinded by the new Brady Quinn that is “killing it” in practice and in preseason with the scrubs? A former first round pick of the Cleveland Browns, the Mighty Quinn was traded away to the Denver Broncos in 2010 for Peyton Hillis and a six pack.

The Browns made out like bandits in the deal,  dumping off an unspectacular backup quarterback and gaining a bruising, thousand yard rusher. Couldn’t figure that one out, I said maybe Peyton Hillis hit on McDaniel’s wife. However, the Browns did give up a first and second round pick in order to take Brady Quinn in the 2008 draft.

That’s a lot of draft day mojo to invest in a quarterback. You’d think they’d give Quinn every chance to become a starting NFL quarterback.

Well, they did.

Quinn didn’t show much in his unspectacular stint with the Browns, in 2009 Quinn managed to put up an incredible 6 points against the vaunted Broncos defense. By all accounts Brady Quinn’s play was mediocre all season long. After three years in the Browns system–thirteen regular season games–he was deemed backup quarterback material, not starting caliber. Even though the Browns were not talented, a rookie quarterback can flash greatness. They didn’t think much of Quinn’s flashes.

Did anyone?

Now, the great Jeff Legwold of the Denver Compost claims coach John Fox is looking to make Brady Quinn the number two backup due to his practice play and “NFL Experience.”

Brady Quinn Broncos

Defenses fear the Mighty Quinn

Excuse me if I laugh.

I’ve seen players–quarterbacks–I’ve seen them look amazing in the second half of preseason games. Anyone remember a guy named Bradlee Van Pelt? Well he played lights out for the Broncos in the second half of preseason games. He looked like the second coming of John Elway out there. Come the regular season, when it was time to sub in, he looked absolutely horrible.

Quinn had his shot at being the number one starting quarterback–and he’s never proven anything against starting caliber players.

Yes, maybe he is “technically sound” in his footwork. Yes, Kyle Orton is both accurate and technically sound, but the Denver Broncos aren’t going to win many games with either of these journeyman. In Orton’s case, they won’t win many games unless they infuse the team with more talent on the offensive and defensive lines. In Quinn’s case I see no evidence that we could even count on him to lead a talented team.

With their horrid level of talent at the quarterback position, the lowly Miami Dolphins wouldn’t bow to pick up Kyle Orton’s tab. According to the Miami Herald they grew more and more uncomfortable with the kind of monetary and long term commitment Orton was asking them to make.

You’d think a team so hungry for a starting quarterback–an all important missing piece in their offense–you’d think a team would do what it had to and pay the man if he was available. Miami knows what we all know: Kyle Orton is a journeyman, a stop-gap quarterback who is average. He’ll help you win some games now with a supporting cast, but he’s not the future. Accurate yet immobile, steady yet unspectacular in the clutch–whether that clutch is third down and eight in the first quarter or trailing by seven in the fourth quarter.

kyle Orton

The truth is Brady Quinn isn’t as good as average Kyle Orton. We’ve seen enough of them to know who they both are on the field.

The way Mike Klis is talking up Brady Quinn you’d think the Broncos would have received offers of a fourth rounder for him.

Brady Quinn is in the mold of a Kyle Orton, he’s a bit more athletic but he’s not the accurate passer Orton is. Maybe that’s why coach John Fox is so impressed, since Orton and Quinn will do what they’re told and stay in the pocket. Sorry Fox, you don’t have the team to game manage and road grate the opposition into the ground. You don’t have the team to consistently win games 17 to 10. If Fox or the “veterans” on the team think they’re going to make a big splash with either Quinn or Orton in the near term, they’re dreaming.

Earth to the Broncos: Kyle Orton isn’t that good. Brady Quinn isn’t as good as Kyle Orton. We know, or we should know.They’ve both had their shot.

If the Broncos really feel they have a diamond in the rough with either Orton or Quinn, then I believe our “defensive minded” coach should stick a fork in it and stick to defense for crying out loud. Something tells me a meeting went down at the beginning of training camp where the coach said he wanted a certain something from his quarterbacks, something rote, something dry and totally unspectacular.

Orton and Quinn probably left the meeting smiling, Tebow probably left thinking this guy is an a$$hole.

The future is Qwinn.

In a worse case scenario, the Broncos strictly want Tebow to be like Orton and Quinn. That simply ain’t happening. Nor should it. The Broncos should bend the plays to Tebow’s strengths when they put him behind center–not the other way around. It’s like telling Michael Vick or John Elway to never leave the pocket, to never scramble or throw on the run. To never improvise.

Good luck with that.

For now, I’m going to give the coach the benefit of the doubt. I can’t believe he’s this stupid. Judging from some of the quotes coming out of Dove Valley, where you have John Elway practically dissing the style of play he was known for while talking up classic pocket passing, judging from some of these doozies they just might be this inane to squander the season–the future–squarely on the shoulders of journeymen.

If that really is the case, I will not let them get away with their poor evaluation of the future. I’ll remind them of the errors in their ways all season long and I will demand apologies–even resignations.

P.S. You’ll be waiting a long time–meaning forever–for Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn to do this.

Staying in the pocket wins championships, eh Johnny Boy?