Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow almost beats a team that usually dominates the Broncos, but his throwing release is the story of the day. Getty Images

Still, Tebow’s release is a concern. It hasn’t come into play against a pass rush, yet, but it does cause his passes to arrive a tad late.–Mike Klis

I’m sick and tired of this “Tebow’s release” crap. It’s a bunch of BS. It’s water cooler mentality and group-think. I don’t care how he releases the ball. I don’t care if he pats the ball before he throws either (something they accused Elway of).

The rookie went out there in the last three games and performed well. He moved the chains, scored touchdowns and did things Kyle Orton could never even dream of. Namely running for crucial third downs, but he also threw the ball well for a rookie.

Tebow performed like the second best quarterback in the 2010 draft.  Colt McCoy? Oh yeah I wish we had him–not to mention Jimmy Clausen. Wouldn’t that be great? Surely either of those quarterbacks would inspire confidence in Broncos Nation?

What a joke. The kid played well overall and I don’t see his throwing motion as a problem, not whatsoever. I don’t care if he twirls the ball around in one arm before he throws as long as he moves the offense and scores touchdowns. He throws a beautiful spiral and this whole issue of “being late” with his throws is a piece of crap.

He finished his rookie season as a 50 percent passer. There isn’t a quarterbacks coach or offensive coordinator in the league who will say a 50 percent completion percentage is enough in today’s NFL.-Jeff Legwold

Oh ain’t that something? Might as well close the book on Timmy Teebs– three games and he’s no pocket passer. Might as well give up and try to get that Luck kid somehow?

Is this a joke? What was this kid supposed to do? Come out there and just light up the league after a few practices with the first team? It’s much too early to get worried about passer ratings anyways, and quite frankly I don’t give two turds in a paper bag about his stats. Don’t give a rip about his stats or his throwing motion. Move the chains, score touchdowns and win games–screw the stupid stats.

Tebow’s long throwing release didn’t show up so much against the Chargers’ pass rush as it did in the numerous times his balls were tardy to his receivers.–Mike Klis

His “long throwing release” meant the balls were tardy to their receivers? I call BS. Watch Kyle Orton in his first year with the Broncos. People claimed he couldn’t throw the long ball, he was under-throwing and Brandon Marshall bailed him out numerous times by deflecting the sure interceptions.

It’s timing. It’s timing and knowing your receivers. It’s not a “slow release” and it’s not a “noodle arm.” The kid needs to throw with the first team receivers–oh, and throwing to them for an entire offseason wouldn’t hurt either.

Next, the great Jeff Legwold takes the cake for the most asinine suggestion of 2011:

2. DENVER (4-12)

Pick: Patrick Peterson*, CB, LSU

The Broncos could look almost anywhere on defense, but with Champ Bailey likely out the door and Andre Goodman over 30, Peterson is the best player available at a need spot.–Jeff Legwold

Jeff Legwold, do you watch this team? Do you even watch the Denver Broncos games? What an absolute turd of a suggestion.

“Oh dear, Champ’s gonna leave so we need a new Champ Bailey at corner…”

Are you kidding me? What an absolute joke, what an egregious mental failure. We HAVE a Champ Bailey, we’ve HAD a Champ Bailey and where has that gotten us? Should we revel in the fact that the Denver Broncos HORRIBLE defense can shut down one top flight receiver? Who cares that we shut down one receiver? Who cares that we have one All Pro corner who can also tackle well… where the hell has that gotten us?

Suck, suck and more suck. Let Bailey go, and if you must get a cornerback, then look into someone reasonable like an Andre Goodman in free agency. Either that, or draft one NO HIGHER than the second round. That Syd Quan kid isn’t bad and we don’t need any kick returners.

We don’t need another Champ Bailey, the Broncos need a Champ Bailey in the front seven. Dumervil isn’t nearly enough. We WILL draft Da’Quan Bowers. We MUST draft him. It is utterly insane not to draft this kid. Wouldn’t it be great if we drafted a CB with the first pick? Oh yeah, more of the same as teams obliterate us through the air and on the ground. Then Bowers goes elsewhere to become the next Julius Peppers? That would be great wouldn’t it? What a disgusting joke. I am disgusted by this inane deficiency of logic. You’ve got to be kidding me. The only way we don’t draft Bowers is if we draft Nick Fairley instead–that’s the only compromise even possible. Strike that, another reason why we wouldn’t draft Bowers is if the Carolina Panthers do the truly insane thing and draft him first. Then you know what we do? We draft Andrew Luck and immediately demand a King’s Ransom consisting of a draft pick, a great player and oh, another draft pick–thanks very much.

To people who suggest we trade down from the pick regardless, screw that. Say no to a pass rusher who’s also tough against the run?

You can’t be serious.

Name me another top flight pass rusher/run stuffer besides Julius Peppers? There ain’t many that’s for damn sure. Talk about a premium to pay for one, talk about a bona fide franchise player on defense. I’ve watched this Bowers and he looks like one hell of an athlete. He’s a hell of an athlete, rushes the passer and he makes big plays against the run.

We are talking about passing on the closest thing to a defensive franchise player. If Bowers requires a 4-3, then this team will switch to a 4-3. I don’t want to hear any bellyaching from the players about switching either. This defense SUCKS. It SUCKS and we will switch schemes on a dime.

Draft a cornerback with the first pick? We damn well better not. I am confident that John Elway isn’t this stupid.

Absolutely stupid.

Elway knows what stops an Elway. It ain’t a cornerback–no matter how good, it’s a pass rush.