I woke up this morning and headed over to the computer. The computer that was left on sucking up energy all day and night for Earth Day celebrations.

I hoped last night was just a dream, but no it’s reality.

Let me say this: I have nothing against Tebow the person, he didn’t do anything.

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos

I don’t like where we got him and what we gave up to get him.

I don’t think Tebow will ever be our starting quarterback. McDaniels and Numby at the Post seem to think so–I don’t.

Someone is wrong, is it me or is it them?

I believe Tebow will be a good player but not a good quarterback. I see this Tebow coming in and running 9 plays a game in the Wild Horses formation. Running for first downs, running on the goal line, passing at times to change things up. Maybe even catching a pass here and there.

Tim Tebow very well could be a Bronco for a long time in this specialization. I just don’t see him as the starting quarterback, I see Brady Quinn having a better chance of starting. I see Kyle Orton with a better chance of starting.

Not to mention starting the lefty Tebow negates the blind-side effectiveness of our All Pro Tackle Ryan Clady.

Let’s say we win a bunch of games this year with Orton at QB and Tebow making big plays in that Wildcat formation. That could very well be it. That could be it for years to come. Tebow could be a hell of a weapon coming in with that formation at times while a “boring” but effective quarterback starts. But I don’t see him being the starting quarterback like that Numby at the Post who thinks we just drafted John Elway.

I see that John Clayton at ESPN saying McDaniels is gambling his future here–well that’s true. What’s boneheaded about Clayton’s remarks is that he shovels up the old, fatigued notion that we dropped the proverbial ball by letting Jay Huckdort Cutler and Brandon Marshall go.

Yeah we really dropped the ball there: One is an arrogant un-coachable punk who forces the ball all over the field and gets picked left and right, the other has a rap sheet a mile long and is one McDonald’s bag away from being the next Pac-Man Jones. Let’s eat their crap and pay these shining stars millions. Let’s bankrupt the team for the Marshall-Huckdort show.

That pick throwing Huckdort, getting picked left and right and that locker room cancer Baby T.O. who will bounce around the league–if he can even stay on the field.

Both never won anything.

I see people hammering away at this Tebow kid, hammering his beliefs–screw them. Freedom of religion baby, if you don’t like that in this country, learn to love it. These people making personal attacks on him are probably the same ones suing over Christmas trees–they give most atheists a bad name. Most real atheists I know don’t give a flying flip about a damn Christmas tree, it does nothing to them, they’d probably laugh if anything. Tebow the person is not why I’m pissed, I think we drafted too high for a player that won’t ever be our starting quarterback. He can probably be one hell of a weapon in the wildcat formation, time will tell if he was worth trading up for.

I do have a theory on why McDaniels made the big move: I think he mistakenly thought “Tim Tebow Girl” would be coming to Denver.

Erin Drewes Tebow Broncos