tebow haters

Look at them sea cukes.

He can’t play, he can’t throw.

Cue Brady Quinn…

Tebow is the starter in 2012, should have been anyways based on the overall body of work.

Last week you got that Stink still spewing a bunch of turd: “Tebow won’t be playing in the league next year.”

Stink, Stank, Stunk… See ya buddy.

And you know something?

I won’t touch the tackles from back then, but a guard? The Super Bowl Broncos would have been just fine with David Diaz-Infante in there buddy. And that’s the truth.

We don’t need ya, and we never did Stink.

Your failing tact is a black spot on the Broncos organization, and your rooting against the Broncos to prove some inane point of yours is a disgrace.

Dan Marino before the game: The Broncos won’t score a touchdown.

Tom Jackson last week: How can you continue with a QB who can’t throw the ball.

Absolutely inane comments being drummed up last week about Brady Quinn too. Some joke that was. Who are you gonna believe? The Denver Post Dummies, Ed Werder and Jay Glazer? The extreme tact of P.P.? The eyewitness report from Phil Simms? Or these sea cucumbers out there spouting a bunch of crap.

And shame, shame on Woody Paige.

“Put in Quinn on some passing plays…”

Outrageous. Way to have some faith there Woodrow.

You’ll notice Peter King up there too. Oh yeah, he says good things about the Broncos — when they’re winning. Old Petey King predicted the week 11 Jets game would be Tebow’s last and John Fox would go into next year realizing ” at least he has a Wildcat QB on the roster. ”

You hear the latest from the haters, eh? Even in the face of this big playoff win they’re crying about Tebow completing less than fifty percent of his passes. Talk about grasping at dingleberries.

Want a QB who completes over fifty percent? I hear Kyle Orton is a free agent. We can bring him back in to lose twelve games, make our offense completely ordinary and yet we can all smile about his over fifty percent completion rating.

Maybe he’ll even break a record and throw the ball to Thomas twenty four times in a game.

These people don’t deserve to be heard any more. The ship of fools has sailed. See ya. I’m done with you Stink, Alfred, Legwold, Carter and their erroneous miscreant-laden ilk. Good for Klis to start telling it like it is (finally) and Elway to start acting intelligent about the whole deal.

It was a good performance from Tebow and Demaryius Thomas last Sunday. Thomas became a man, I saw potential in him the first time he took to the field and I’m glad he’s coming around to playing like a first rounder.

Who the hell was that Bush player anyways? Didn’t do too badly. You see, I ain’t ever gonna jump up and down to draft a corner in the first round. No, the way I see it the Broncos should move up in the first round to get either a middle linebacker or running back.

If the next Al Wilson is sitting there at 15, let’s go get him. Sorry, Joe Mays is over matched. People talk up our defense, but I’ll tell you we can get much better with a middle linebacker and another defensive tackle. Quinton Carter had a good game, good interception and made some good tackles.

I don’t want to hear any more snide comments from Willis McGahee or other Broncos players. Good for Skip Bayless for telling it like it is on that one. Don’t want to hear it, especially not after that performance McGahee. The kid even bailed you out, didn’t he now? Unbelievable these people who just don’t understand Tebow’s big effect on the running game, regardless of his passing. No way does McGahee have all that yardage with Orton or Quinn starting over center and that’s a fact.

People talk about us running the football, first in the league. Well we can get better there too. I’m not hip to Willis McGahee being “the guy” he’s good and I respect him but he needs to be our number two. I want a big-time running back. I want a younger more explosive Willis McGahee starting. Holy hell the kid could go over 1,500 yards and break some of them runs for touchdowns. We can be much better running the football.

I don’t want to hear about drafting a QB in the second round either. This team needs to build on what we have going right now, we need new bodies starting day one and I want to see the first and second round picks helping this team do what it did yesterday: Run the ball, play defense and make big plays throwing down the field.

I don’t care if the Broncos go up there to New England and get blown out. Doesn’t really matter. They’ve done enough. This season has already been validated, the quarterback position has also been validated for 2012. How could we expect this after 4 and 12, 1 and 4?

I give the Broncos a 20 percent chance next week. That’s a lot more than most would give I’m sure. The Patriots came into Denver jacked, they played that game like a playoff game and without those three brain fart turnovers the Broncos may have had a lead a the half.

If it’s tied or we’re leading at halftime, we have a shot. I don’t trust our defense against the Patriots offense. I don’t trust the Patriots defense against the Broncos offense either.