They’re about one half of football away from shelving Tim Tebow in Denver forever.

If Timmy Teebs doesn’t play well at all in that first half we might see Kyle Orton get the nod in the second.

Call it unfair, call it a conspiracy where management who turned on him in training camp hopes he fails… whatever.

If Tebow gets benched in this game, that’s it, we’re drafting a quarterback in the first round of the 2012 draft.

If he ends up on the bench, that’s the end of the Tebow era in Denver and he’ll be on some other team in 2012.

Best case scenario for Teebs if he gets traded? Well that would be some good team picking him up at a reduced price, someone good like the Patriots. I could see the Pats using him in trick plays and on the goal line for a couple years. Then if Tebow can manage to improve his accuracy he’ll have yet another shot in three or four years. A good team will have the luxury letting him sit and develop for a couple more years. The Broncos do not have that luxury.

In order to start the rest of this year and be on the Broncos roster next year, Tebow will simply have to move the offense this Sunday.

Plain and simple. I don’t care if the balls are wobbly, I don’t care if he’s sacked 8 times, I don’t care if his biggest plays are designed runs–Teebs must move the chains. This offense must move. If not, that’s it.

It’s tough as hell moving this Broncos offense. Just ask seven year veteran Kyle Orton. Orton at least had the safety net named Brandon Lloyd to throw at when all was naught. I’ll admit that the trading of Lloyd was a bigger loss to this offense than I imagined.

When benched Brandon Marshall, Jabar Gaffney stepped up and he could get open. When we traded Marshall, Lloyd stepped up and became “the guy” at wide receiver who could get open. When we traded Brandon Lloyd… well I guess you have Eric Decker. Decker who is basically a rookie, Thomas who is basically a rookie and Eddie Royal who is nowhere as usual. Fells is OK.

Add in a porous offensive line and you get the picture. The deck is stacked against Timmy Teebs–so be it.

If they really don’t want Timmy Teebs, he’ll have to force the issue. He’ll have to move this offense. It HAS to move forward, otherwise that’s it. Even though they might instill a crappy game plan, he has to hit those receivers when they do manage to get open.

If you’re a Broncos fan, the best case scenario is for Teebs to come out there this Sunday and throw like he did in that first drive last week for most of the game. If he can improve and we can win a couple games this year, then the Broncos can draft an offensive lineman or defensive lineman… or middle linebacker in the first round. Forget cornerback Legwold, unbelievable this guy. We’ve had the best in Bailey for years and what has it done for our defense overall? Huge difference maker?  If Teebs improves we can focus on building the rest of the team, especially the front seven and offensive line.

If not, then it’s down the river on a $&^thouse door this year baby, and there’s no guarantee we’ll be in a position to draft the QB we want in 2012… who knows, we could end up reaching and miss.