We could finally witness Tim Tebow starting tomorrow against the Raiders.

Getty Images - Denver October 24: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos warms up before taking on the Oakland Raiders at INVESCO Field at Mile High on October 24, 2010 in Denver, Colorado.

I had no doubt we’d start Tebow the last two games of this travesty of a season but this just accelerates Tebow Time. Not starting the first round pick in the final two games of a losing season is nothing short of stupid, but I don’t put anything past this flailing organization as of late.

Unbelievable, some of these NFL pundits. They declare Tebow a “total bust” before he’s even started one regular season NFL game. They aren’t willing to give him anything resembling a chance.

They’re willing to give Colt McCoy a chance.

They’re willing to give John Skelton a chance.

Tim Tebow Denver Broncos

But Tebow? Oh no, we hate him and McDaniels picked him–he’s surely a bust.

I have no doubts that some of these losers like Dan Marino and ESPN’s Colin Cowherd (fitting last name), I have no doubts some of these kinds of mental defectives hate Tim Tebow personally.

Some of these people hate his guts, they hate what he stands for and they want him to fail. These malformed goobers belch forth the most inept comments that clearly point to defunctitudinal brain deficiencies on a scale hitherto never before seen.

To some, before he even takes a real NFL snap, Tebow is a bust.

I have to say I wasn’t wild about picking Tebow in the first round of the draft. I figured we’d use him in gadget plays and short yardage though–which we did–but not as often as I’d like. Say what you want about those gadget plays, they were more often successful than not and no, Kyle Orton could not make the same goal line runs into the end zone. Orton moves with the agility of a one legged goat and while he’s a tough guy he’s not nearly as durable as Tebow. Tebow’s vision while running is above average, he finds the holes and if there ain’t none he wisely bounces it outside.

I bellyached about the pick, no doubt, but I am not one to label someone a bust before they even play on the field. Months passed and we finally saw Tebow in a few preseason games playing with the first and second string offense.

A lot was made of the hit Tebow took from a Cincinnati player while running for a touchdown. Tebow took a helmet to the ribs–an injury that kept him from playing a few games–and goobers came out of the woodwork stating Tebow can’t take NFL hits. They said Tebow is stupid for taking on NFL caliber defenders and believed he should not have punched in that touchdown in order to protect himself.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Can you imagine what they’d say if he shied away from contact in that play? “Tebow is scared to mix it up with NFL defenders.” “Tebow can’t get it done in the NFL like he did in college…” Yaddah, yaddah and other assorted BS.

ABC owned ESPN showed a montage of Tebow’s preseason highlights: They showed an interception, a fumbled snap and finally the hit on the goal line where he injured his ribs.

While mental defectives–many of which just want to see Tebow fail–while these people harped on the bad, people with acuity saw a rookie QB who looked confident, lead the offense to score and out-shined Brady Quinn.

Morons like Trent Dilfer analyzed one play. One play. One play where a defender was able to put pressure on Tebow and knock down his pass. The analyst claimed Tebow’s “slow throwing motion” accounted for the defender’s ability to knock the pass down.

One play.

One play and Tebow can’t perform in this league. Nevermind the touchdowns, nevermind the accurate throws. Oh no, one play and it’s all she wrote for Tebow.

I was impressed with Tebow’s preseason performance. He threw the ball accurately, he threw with zip, he looked confident and quite honestly he looked miles ahead of Brady Quinn. His long ball got from point A to point B quicker than Orton, it had less of an arc than Orton’s passes.

Tim Tebow Broncos

This video, (warning music NSFW) the first half, tells the other side of the story. So much for a guy that is hopeless and has no chance in the NFL due to his throwing motion. Yes Tebow threw a couple picks in the preseason too, but so did Kyle Orton.

Throwing motion be damned.

I am sick and tired of the throwing motion nonsense. Tebow is not going to change that throwing motion, that’s not really going to change. They claimed they tweaked it or whatever, I don’t know and I don’t care. If this kid moves the offense and scores touchdowns then throwing motion be damned.

Myself as well as many others want this kid to start so we can see what we have. Mike Shanahan is doing the same thing, benching McNabb and playing his second and third QB’s to “see what he has.”

It’s a smart move. We know what we have in Kyle Orton. It’s imperative to see what Tebow flashes out there. He doesn’t have to win these games, he doesn’t have to play all world. What he has to show are flashes, flashes of brilliance. John Elway had a horrible first year. Miscreants from the microwave generation would probably label the young Elway a bust in his first year. As bad as his rookie year sucked, he showed flashes of brilliance and you knew there was hope for his future development.

Tebow will probably struggle and we should lose even if he does play reasonably well, he’s a rookie QB for crying out loud. Oh, but that won’t matter to the mental defectives who already claim he can’t even play in this league. They’ll make stupid excuses even if he does play well.  The Broncos should use this opportunity to evaluate Tebow’s overall play in regular season games. His overall play (not win or lose) and whether he shows flashes of brilliance out there–it should help in determining whether Tebow has a future with this franchise. It’s important stuff, we just got rid of the head coach and I mean, the way I want things to go down, we’ll be looking at the second pick in the draft. We’ll be sitting on a franchise quarterback. Should we take him?

Let’s find out.