Good for you Tebow. Good for you speaking out.

I felt the same way. Felt the same way when I heard we botched the Orton deal and that this Cuckooman was taking all the first team snaps.

“My dream, since I was a young boy, of being a starting quarterback in the NFL seemed to be coming true,” Tebow said in an exclusive interview with Paige.

“Then, I felt like it was grabbed back away.”

I was ready to get the new season started, get the excitement started up…

He may or may not be the future of the Broncos. Let’s find out. This year.

We were all set to trade Orton and instead we have the Canadian Goose taking all the reps.

This front office was about to do the right thing, to clear the way for Tebow just like we cleared the way for Elway (DeBerg).

Instead, it’s starting to look like we’re going down the path of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Steve Young. Young wasn’t a boring enough pure pocket passer for them.

We were about to do the right thing: To evaluate our first round pick this year so we could determine whether he was the future. So we could determine whether we’ll need to draft a real QB.

Instead, we’re stuck on stupid. Fox must have got a boner after he saw Orton in practice, what a joke.

This front office botched this whole deal. It’s like some loser panicked after seeing Orton in practice.

I don’t care how he practices.

Look at the stats, look at the numbers! Look at Lloyds numbers too!

Yeah, great, look at the win loss record–that tells the real story. Look at the points on the board.

Krieger thinks the Denver Broncos will be “credible” starting Orton. 4 and 12 is real credible Krieger, ain’t it. That’s just wonderful for your credibility.

The only one with some sense at that Denver Compost right now is Numby Paige, I may have to start calling him by his real name.


Love to see the Canadian Goose try this. I guess Tebow was just lucky, eh? You see what his ability can do to a defense? It’s a lot tougher to play against this on third down than an immobile one legged goat.

Hope the Orton faithful are happy when we start scoring only 17 points per game.

Orton and Lloyd will be happy with their stats in a free agent year.

Credibility through the roof I suppose.

It’s BS how this situation has been handled. We’re set to trade Orton and next thing you know he’s taking all the first team snaps?

Some competition that is.

That ain’t a real competition. Some people think it’s fine since he’s still ” getting reps.”

Not with the first team. He’s not getting used to the first team receivers. That’s a big deal, that took Orton a while, Orton had to get his timing down to throw deep.

I have a sinking suspicion it’s the coach. I have a feeling it’s Fox and his “conservative approach” on offense.

He probably thinks we’ll dominate with our running game and play excellent defense. Sorry pal, the turnaround won’t be that quick. We don’t have the personnel for that yet.

By the time we do? Orton will be playing elsewhere, that is, unless there’s a nightmare scenario where the coach likes him so much we sign him to five years 50 million plus.

Not liking what I’m hearing out of Denver, not one bit.