I couldn’t script this one any better folks. Tim Tebow plays well, he threw a great ball, nice arc, accurate and with plenty of zip. He also showed he could take the NFL hits running with the football (like some mental defectives said at the beginning of the season). Throwing motion be damned, this talk of throwing motion is a joke. Doesn’t matter one bit as long as the ball is getting where it needs to go and the offense is moving.

Tebow NFL Debut

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (15) passes in front of Oakland Raiders defensive end Lamarr Houston (99) in the second quarter of an NFL football game in Oakland, Calif. , Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010.

Ultimately, the Broncos lost the game (which is good) and it’s also good because it wasn’t on Tebow. Not hardly. It was our defense, namely the defensive line that screwed the proverbial pooch out there. The offensive line wasn’t so great either. The playcalling was way too conservative for a 3 and 10, make that 3 and 11 team.

Some of these people have the audacity to blame our ground game woes on the running backs. What a joke, you see the penetration these teams get on our offensive line? It’s disgusting. Peyton Hillis wouldn’t do what he does in Cleveland running behind our line, no way no how. We suck at run blocking.

As usual, our defensive line can’t put pressure on the quarterback. Our defense makes Jason Campbell look like a Pro Bowler out there.

I’m not upset about the loss. I want that high pick and it’s looking better than ever baby. The Lions, Bills, Dallas, Bengals and Panthers all won. I love it. I want that high pick for multiple reasons.

First, it’s a chance at drafting a star player. Preferably on the offensive line or defensive line. People say if Champ Bailey leaves, then we absolutely must replace him with our first round pick. Really? What does that change? More of the same I say. We already have Champ Bailey out there at corner and we can’t rush the QB and hell if we can’t stop the run either.

First priority this offseason is a top flight free agent and a top draft pick. One on the offensive line and one on the defensive line. This team needs help and that top pic certainly won’t hurt.

Our second round pick also benefits if the Broncos continue to lose. I want options baby. We have two second rounders this year and we’ll have options, we could even trade that high second rounder for a first rounder the next year.

Had some good penalties out there today, more of the same there.

I’m worried about the Texans game though, I’m worried we’ll win that one.