Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is one hail mary pass away from beating a team that dominates the Broncos, but his throwing release is the story of the day. (01/04/11) Getty Images

That’s right.

I see the Denver Post didn’t write one single thing about Tebow’s performance last night. All I read about was a game winning field goal. Gee, I wonder how we moved the ball to get it? Was Kiszla in the bathroom blowing a hoagie out his ass in the fourth quarter? Was Legwold drunk and passed out by then?

Jeff Legwold: “Tebow came in at the 3rd quarter and played the rest of the game.” Wow Legwold, that’s some hard hitting reporting.

People saying this kid looked “lost” out there are seeing what they want to see. I don’t see a kid throwing floaters over the heads of his receivers and getting picked off. He’s not all wild eyed out there acting like a fool. The radio commentators on KOA last night got all stupid after one play that was supposed to be a bubble screen. Tebow ate the sack on that one and they couldn’t seem to understand why he didn’t throw it. Turns out, I watched the replay today and the defensive end flew up the field and was in position to bat it down or pick it off. The kid showed good poise there, wasn’t at all “lost.” Sorry.

I hope the “Thank God we have Orton crowd” hangs around after ten games. I can’t wait to hear these rubes then. What will their excuse be once again? The running game and the defense once again? It will be fun insulting such porous intelligence on this matter.

Oh the tail off will be long and slow this season. Ten games in and the narrative will have changed, big time.

We’re in for more of the same on offense this year. The Broncos just played three terrible teams in the preseason and confidence is running high.

The defense is better, but not great. The offense is marginally better. Orton and the offense that is similar personnel-wise played just as well last preseason.

In the last minute of the Seahawks game, Tebow did something Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn will never do: Take a team on their shoulders and win the game.

If the game’s on the line I know the quarterback I want out there playing. It ain’t the mighty Quinnby or Kyle “Cuckooman” Orton, that’s for sure. They’ve been around for years in this league in a starting role and they’ve never taken a team on their shoulders to victory. Average, ho-hum pocket passers.

Yes, Kyle Orton is the most polished, efficient quarterback on the Broncos. A seasoned veteran.

I don’t care.

A) He’s not the future of the team.

B) He won’t be here next year.

C) If he’s here next year, it’s a huge mistake.

D) NO intangibles, has never won the big games in the season when needed (never mind the preseason)

I blame the Broncos front office for not getting rid of Orton before we were on the hook for his paycheck this year.

We should have cleared the deck for Tebow like we originally planned. We’re not getting on with the future. What a mistake.

Here’s the sad truth: Tim Tebow is better than Cam Newton right now.

But at the end of this season, that will probably change. Cam Newton will probably be better because he is playing and getting every opportunity with his first string offense.

Herm Edwards is right though, we have to start Orton. When he crashes and burns it will be Tebow Time. If Tebow started the season and didn’t play well it would be a monumental failure to put Orton back in.

My point is, Orton shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Thanks Elway, Fox and Co.