Lions 45, Broncos 10. What a ton of horse $&%t that was, eh?

Rather see Ernie Borgnine run out in the middle of the field all mic’d up, watch him rear up a leg and light his farts on fire for 60 minutes, rather watch that spectacle than sit through that travesty at Mile High again. At least Ernie Borgs would be mildly entertaining, once in a while he might let out a Mongolian cluster-fart for a real crowd pleaser.

Yes, receivers dropped passes (and couldn’t keep their feet in bounds), yes our offensive line sucks, yes our defense gives up huge plays, yes Mike McCoy’s play calling stinks to high heaven… all that and more but Tebow sure deserves his criticism.

He plays like that in the next two games and we’ll be watching the great Brady Quinn take over for the rest of the year. I guarantee it won’t be much better. Will anyone even tune in?

Tebow better get his head out of his ass, I know there are theories out there, how the Broncos don’t want him to succeed. It could even be true, Fox Didn’t Put Tebow in Position to Win… I did notice that, we started out in the spread and next thing you know Timmy Teebs is under center for the majority of the plays. Skip Bayless has been saying it all along, that management is out to sabotage the kid and prove they were right. Whatever, there are plays Teebs can make out there, plays that are right there for him and he isn’t making the throws. He better shape up or that’s it. Better see improvement 0r we’ll be drafting one of the two quarterbacks in last Saturday’s Stanford vs. USC game.

Oh, you don’t think John Elway would send three first rounders to the Colts for Luck if he could? If Teebs fails utterly?

I bet he would. Add Elvis Dumervil into the equation too, the terrible Colts could get a hoard of picks and the second coming of Dwight Freeney.

Of course, the Timmy haters will be out in full force this week. Mike Klis at the Denver Compost wrote a dismal piece with pictures of Tebow getting sacked left and right. The biased Klis was MUCH more kind to Kyle Orton when he played terribly this year. Krieger chiming in with his tripe, then  Legwold I’m sure…

One thing to remember in the face of all this: These are the same guys who told us we’d “win more than we’d lose with Kyle Orton.”

They talked about a big-time running game, a career year with credible Kyle Orton at the helm. They talked up the defense, they talked up Brady Quinn and the worse offender of them all Mike Klis “insinuated” that this year’s Broncos would go 10-6, 11-5.

They were all wrong.

Orton sucked, Quinn sucked and this team sucks. I knew it. I predicted 6-10 with Kyle Orton and I may have given them a couple wins too many there.

I knew the Broncos weren’t going to the playoffs, knew the defense and running game weren’t up to snuff yet and I knew the Orton to Lloyd connection would hit a brick wall this year. “Pro Bowl year… Career year… Quinn will get a big payday in free agency…” What a joke.

6-10. Team sucks. Play the kid. See what you have.

We’re doing that now, at least.

So far it sucks too.