You notice Tebow’s been throwing to the running backs, especially around the goal line?

I ain’t stupid.

At the Denver Post, the hype has settled down and reality has set in.

P.P. has set in.

At one point during practice, the rookie was sent to work with the running backs, throwing passes in the end zone as the backs worked on their route-running. –

All along I’ve been a rock, not some soft, flippant, limp sea cucumber. I’ve said Tebow will be working that Wild Horses, he’ll be used in short yardage duty, running and short passes–even blocking.

The “trade Orton now” goobers are gonna be some disappointed. They’re probably the same morons booing Orton last year at practice. Boo all you want you rubes, he ain’t a “good interview” but at least he’s a winner and some people can’t stand that. I don’t think they want a winner in Denver, they want somebody that resembles Elway–even if he goes out there and throws pick after pick and runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. Doesn’t matter if we lose out I suppose, at least the QB looks “exciting.”

I’ll wager the trade Orton now crew are many of the same people that were lamenting the “loss” of that Huckdort, threatening to become Chicago fans.

Weak and pathetic, they bend and break with the winds.

I suppose my seeing the truth, my seeing the obvious that Tim Tebow will be a Wild Horses 3rd and short player… I suppose that makes me some kind of a Tebow-hater. He’s either John Elway 2.0 or bust to some of you people, well if that’s the case: brace for bust.

I think he’ll be good for us, and a good pick. In his specialist role, those third and shorts are important and we sucked at them last year.

Get your tickets now to see the Tim “the Gadget” Tebow show, coming to an end zone near you.

P.S. I’ll have some of you sick freaks twisting my words out there, I’ll have you know my right hand ruins careers through lightning riffage, it backhands fools who would have the gall to encroach upon my personal space and most of all it pens truths to enlighten the hordes of thoroughly porous, degenerate minds. Supreme talents indeed, and you people should appreciate my benevolence.