I know this team. I know this quarterback.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post recently stated “Kyle Orton needs the reps,” because the Broncos are paying out the ass for him next season.

Kyle Orton needs the reps. Is that some kind of joke?

Is that a joke?

How long has this guy been in the league, and he’s been in this offense for two years? He needs the *(^*in reps?

Cuckoo Man needs to sit on the bench. Yes, he’s played well and he probably is the starter next year. Hopefully the team gets improved because you need defense and a running game with Orton as your QB. No matter, I want that Tebow getting valuable experience in a losing season. I want Tebow in there sooner than later and I want an actual QB competition in the offseason.

Orton is having a Pro Bowl season–sure. Kyle Orton isn’t whats wrong with the Denver Broncos even though Kyle Orton isn’t clutch.

But if you don’t know what you have in Kyle Orton then you don’t know turd.

Kyle Orton is a game manager, he is accurate, he doesn’t have great arm strength–but its not bad–and he’s about as athletic as a one legged goat. On top of that he is not clutch. He is not, and he’s proven that time and time again with the Broncos. You need a good running game, a good defense and good protection and you can win with Kyle Orton, otherwise–good luck.

It’s time to evaluate our first round quarterback selection of 2010. I don’t care if he comes in and lights it up and I don’t care if he comes in and stinks up the place. I happen to think Tebow’s dynamic abilities to run when plays break down could be a boon to the Broncos. Elway, McNabb, Young won some games with their feet. Tebow has a knack for finding the holes and bouncing it outside if there are none. Some people claim Orton could make all of Tebow’s runs but that is false. Orton doesn’t have Tebow’s running vision and Orton is much more fragile. Tebow needs to be evaluated and he needs to play in order for the Broncos to have a real quarterback competition in 2011. Oh, and if you think we’re going to trade Kyle Orton in the offseason before any competition begins then you don’t know turd either. Talk about a surefire way to get a coach fired: trade Kyle Orton away and start the season off with a totally unproven rookie player, yeah that’s just genius. Unbelievable some of these people. I want Tebow starting for valuable experience and to see what he flashes–is he a player in this league? I want to see sooner rather than later. It has little to do with Kyle Orton’s play and everything to do with the fact that a Franchise F*^&*%in Quarterback Could Be On The Clock When The Denver Broncos Make Their 2011 First Round Selection.

We could be picking in the top five. I have no confidence in this team even winning one more game this season. What is Orton going to prove? He can take us to 6 and 10, maybe?

It’s Tebow Time. Yes, Orton is probably the starter next year. Unless he gets beat out in a real QB competition and if that’s the case he will be benched. He was benched in Chicago, he will get benched in Denver too. He’s a team player, Tebow is a team player, they are not prima donna losers who will whine, cry and demand a trade if they end up riding pine.

Tebow Time–no question.

I’ve had enough of  “he isn’t ready,” he better be ready, he’s our second string quarterback and a first round pick.  “Orton’s calling the protections not Walton,”–to which I say, if that’s true, then our center needs to become a professional and start calling the protections.

When’s he gonna be ready, eh? 2013? The way it’s going this coach has one more year tops. We’re gonna sit there on draft day 2011 in the top five (or close to it) and pass on a franchise quarterback because we’re waiting on Tebow to get ready? Screw that. It’s Tebow Time.

It better be.