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Tell you what, if that Brady Quinn keeps playing like he’s playing, and that Tebow keeps playing like he’s playing, Timmy Teebs will be–or should be–the second string quarterback.

Tebow threw the ball pretty well, he was cool in the pocket and he should have had a throw for a touchdown. Keep in mind he’s playing with and against scrubs in the fourth quarter, nonetheless he looked decent. You see them blitzing him like crazy, eh? They do that to rookies, and since our running game is sub-par right now, they knew we were throwing on pretty much every down. One problem I see with him and Quinn is they try to do too much every single play. They can learn from Orton on this one, Orton throws the ball away or into the ground smartly when things ain’t looking good out there. This Quinn’s forcing the ball to nothing, forcing the ball and almost getting picked when it was more prudent to throw it away and settle for three before the half. This Tebow’s looking to make a play every time he touches the ball, he’s got to settle down with that and not force the ball like that pick throwing Dort up in Chicago. Forcing the ball left and right like he’s God’s gift to the gridiron, that pick throwing Huckdort.

For this game, Tebow didn’t look too bad out there and Brady Quinn looked like a rookie for the most part. Kyle Orton looked like a professional.

Our first string offense and defense outplayed the Bengals tonight, not bad considering Cincinnati already had a preseason game under their belts coming in. The first string offensive line didn’t play too bad, but then again there’s not much to fear with Cincinnati’s d-line. Our running game is very mediocre right now and it’s partly our fault for bringing in a guy who has a track record of missing every other season.

With all this talk of Perrish Cox, I  didn’t come away impressed–maybe he just had a bad game. I notice they’re throwing to that Matthew Willis a whole lot, if this continues it may be bye bye Stokley. Our first string receiving corps looked good, even without the promising rookies in there.

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First string defense looked good, second and third string–not so much. Nobody on the second string defense really stood out–just a bunch of guys getting beat down the field left and right. At least our starters are competent, and that’s what matters most thankfully.