This offseason sucks, eh? I heard Orton cut a rare Mongolian cluster fart at Dawkin’s team practice event. Some Broncos news cycle we got going. The King is now practicing in Denver–truly amazing. This offseason is hurting the Broncos more than many teams, we have a new starting quarterback, players to trade and holes to fill in free agency.

A buddy of mine gets Sports Illustrated for free and I happened to come across this article on Von Miller from before the draft. No I was not blowing turds while I read it–at least that’s what I told him. A back-issue from April? You can do the math, of course I was blowing turd out my ass when I read this. I also found it online here. I believe this is one big reason we drafted Miller: He performed well against NFL caliber tackles.

Early in his Aggies career the 6’3″, 246-pound Miller excelled against a procession of future franchise tackles that includes the Redskins’ Trent Williams (Oklahoma), the Seahawks’ Russell Okung (Oklahoma State) and the Vikings’ Phil Loadholt (Oklahoma). Last fall Miller fought through an early-season right ankle injury to lead the Big 12 in sacks (10½) and the team in tackles for loss (17½) on the way to winning the Butkus Award as the nation’s top linebacker.

I heard that Krieger piling on McDaniels, eh? I for one believe it was a blessing that McDaniels came to Denver–even for a short while. We had a coach with the balls to get rid of Huckdort, Marshall and Scheffler. We had a coach crazy enough to trade up for Tebow. Yeah, he had some gaffes with Peyton Hillis and Alphonso Smith. I still don’t understand the Hillis move, but he did fumble when he gave him a chance and he had eight fumbles this year.

The problems of the Denver Broncos run much deeper than McDaniels. How about the ass-end of the Shanahan era? How about all the defensive linemen we reached on in one draft? Two of them will be out of the league, one of them is mediocre. The last few Shanahan drafts weren’t too pretty were they. Who were we cultivating? Brandon Marshall? Jay Huckdort Cutler?

Ditka Praises Tebow

“Throw it underhand for all I care. The guys a winner,” Ditka said.

Iron Mike chimes in with words of wisdom. He certainly dissed Huckdort after the playoff fiasco. You know, that NFC championship game really hurt that Dort’s standing. I knew it would, I knew it was big. Tom Jackson saw what I saw. Just imagine, just imagine that Dort goes 12-4 next year and then throws three picks in a playoff game–effectively killing the team like he has such a special knack for in the biggest games. They’ll want to run him right out of there, right out of Chicago.

It’s easy to see why Ditka is on the side of the owners in the CBA conundrum–he labels himself an ultra conservative. The players association brought their case before a liberal judge and won, the owners brought it before a conservative and won. How convenient.  Both sides probably want too much power, and thus we sit and wait for a deal while reports of Orton cutting another egg fart surface.